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John Cena and Brock Lesnar WWE RAW Brawl

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE is heading into Night of Champions 2014 with one of the worst go-home RAW shows I can remember, yet there was one bright spot. The brawl between John Cena and Brock Lesnar highlighted one of the better RAW segments of the year.

I don’t want to get too much into my Night of Champions predictions because I may do an entire blog on that later in the week. However, you can generally get a feel of who is going over in the top PPV matches by the way the angle plays out on RAW the week before. If that still holds true, it would look to me that Brock Lesnar is retaining the belt on Sunday…as well he should.

One of the things that Cena has said is that he doesn’t necessarily want the belt, he just wants to beat up Brock. I think that was a dead giveaway for the fact that Cena will likely lose the match via DQ but come out of it looking like the victor. The way this angle played out on Monday seems to support that. Cena got the better of Lesnar, which is to be expected. That tells me that Lesnar is retaining the title on Sunday because why would Cena get the better of him and beat him Sunday? Maybe he wins out against someone else in that scenario but not Brock Lesnar!

Anyway here is the brawl from Monday thanks to WWE’s YouTube channel. Check it out and whether you like Cena or not, it is hard not to get pumped about this rematch on Sunday at WWE Night of Champions…which you can watch for only $9.99 in case you haven’t heard.

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  1. I agree with you that Cena got the better of this brawl, but what bothers me is the fact that not one of the announcers, or any online commentators that I’ve read this morning, picked up on HOW Cena got the advantage. If you watch the video (and I just re-watched it to make sure I was not delusional), Brock jumps in the ring, they go head-to-head, and Brock easily gets the advantage and takes Cena over with a German suplex then shoves him out of the ring with his feet. Lesnar then turns his back and starts playing to the crowd (to the extent that Brock plays to the crowd). He is just soaking in the reaction with a smirk on his face. You can tell that he clearly isn’t watching the Titantron either. Cena comes back in the ring and rushes Lesnar as Lesnar looks to be leaving. Lesnar turns around just in time to catch Cena hitting him full speed, and the brawl where Cena got the advantage began.

    I guess I just took the really long way of saying that the only reason Cena gained an advantage over Lesnar is because he blindsided him. He hit him when he wasn’t looking and/or ready to go. Was it the result of Brock’s own hubris? Sure it was, but that doesn’t matter. The message is still clear: Cena can’t get the advantage over Brock unless he attacks from behind.

    I just thought it would have been nice for someone on the commentary team (why not the heel JBL?) to acknowledge that fact and use it as a little extra wrinkle in the storyline. The storyline could be that Brock’s hubris mixed with Cena’s willingness to resort to tactics that heels normally use against him may just give Cena a fighting chance on Sunday. Maybe the crowd totally picked up on that after all, but I thought that at least one of the announcers should’ve noted that Cena attacked the man from behind.


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