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JBL is back or is he?We have the Rock guest hosting WrestleMania this year in Alanta, we have Jerry “the King Lawler” facing Michael Cole in Lawler’s first (and most likely only) match at WrestleMania, Triple H facing the Undertaker for the second time in WrestleMania history, but none of these got me excited enough to want to watch WrestleMania 27. So what sold me on this year on wanting to watch WrestleMania this year?

The special guest referee in the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler match: John Bradshaw Layfield!

The last time we saw Mr. Layfield was at WrestleMania XXV when he lost the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio in 25 seconds. That made me cry because JBL is one of my favorite pro wrestlers and one of the guys that help kept me watching and had my mind off of my Grandfather’s death in 2004 from cancer when JBL won the WWE Championship from the late Eddie Guerrero.

[adinserter block=”2″] But hold the phone, JBL as the special guest ref? Darsie, get with the times; it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin who’s the referee for the Cole/Lawler match, not John Bradshaw Layfield! WHAT?

On a rollercoaster of emotions to being super excited (when the Stock Market Bell rang and JBL came out to being named to being the special guest ref and Michael Cole’s handpicked ref) to being super depressed (hearing the glass breaking, a Stone Cold Stunner, and the realization that JBL may not be at Mania, ever again).

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I had a tough time sleeping last night and still have tears in my groggily eyes the morning after because of the two Stunners my Lonestar Loudmouth received last night on Raw.

What could JBL’s role be now after the knock-out Stunners Monday night? Maybe be Cole’s replacement in his match against Lawler and have Lawler become a full time personality? What about doing color for Mania with the new cast of youth announcers? Could he be the mysterious Raw General Manager (cheap plug for the blog I wrote for the site a while back).

Just the thought of JBL could be the Raw General Manager makes me happy. Seeing his limo pull into the arena every week, hearing the Stock Market Bells ring, his huge smile every week would make me seek out people to record Raw for me every week and I’ll get around to watching it on the following weekends, simply because JBL’s back. Why?

[adinserter block=”1″]JBL was one of few guys in 2004 that kept me into the business when my Grandfather passed away due to cancer. My Grandfather was my father figure to me when growing up, so it was like my Father passing away. So hearing JBL “runs his mouth” and winning his matches and retaining the title by the skin of his teeth made me happier because it’s how I felt that summer and into the following school year. What? I felt like I was surviving every day after my Grandfather’s death by the skin of my teeth. And I wanted to cut promos like JBL onto my classmates. I loved through JBL.

The Philosopher’s Corner: To conclude my “possible world” dream of JBL being the Raw GM and my walk down memory lane on why I jumped onto the JBL-train, I think JBL on every week as the GM of Raw could help bring in ratings and could help make the Miz a start looking more like a main eventer (he hasn’t been booked like one, which is stupid) or feud with Cena and put in heels to fight him in the ring, I am starting to pull myself out of my depression that came with Austin’s theme song playing Monday night. I am Eric Darsie from Minnesota, trying to wake up some, and this is Downtown with Darsie, until next time…

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