The Snuka Life – A Jimmy Snuka Reality Show?

Jimmy Snuka Hulk Hogan continues to innovate for professional wrestlers. Many ex-WWE stars have tried to follow the Hulkster’s footsteps into the reality television world. Everyone from Ric Flair to Mick Foley has tried with little success to cross that line. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka is the latest WWE Hall of Fame wrestler trying to give it a whirl.

Yes, the same Superfly Snuka who sold out arenas all over the country battling Roddy Piper, Magnificent Muraco, and Bob Backlund over 25-years ago is looking for a career rebirth. Snuka is shopping around a show which features the ex-pro wrestler doing odd jobs for the day. Because as you know, I am sure there is a whole generation of wrestling fans just dying to watch someone who hasn’t appeared on television in almost 20 years trying to make a life outside of wrestling.

I can’t blame Snuka. Like many ex-WWE stars, Snuka is just trying to find his niche outside of wrestling. Not too mention, Snuka didn’t make the kind of money that wrestling superstars make today. Snuka got out of the business a few years before the big economic boom. Additionally, Snuka’s big WWE/WWF run only lasted for a few years. In Snuka’s case you can almost understand the need to continue working even at 66-years old.

Snuka isn’t the first and last ex-wrestler to try their hands at reality television. Ric Flair and Mick Foley were shopping around shows as recently as a few months ago. Both Flair and Foley found out quickly that they aren’t Hulk Hogan. As legendary in the wrestling world as Flair is, he doesn’t translate outside of pro wrestling like Hogan. Other than The Rock, I don’t know of any other pro wrestler who would. As much success as I wish for Jimmy, I just don’t see the interest there if recent stars like Flair and Foley couldn’t get anything going.

Personally, I think a great reality show would be an investigation into the homicide of his girlfriend in 1983. There is a legendary story in pro wrestling about Snuka being accused of killing his girlfriend in 1983. His girlfriend died mysteriously in a hotel room in 1983. Snuka had a history of violence against his girlfriend. The coroner suspected foul play and Jimmy was the only suspect. Charges were never pressed, however the girl’s parents won a $500,000 civil suit against Snuka which he never paid. The case is very eerily similar to how the O.J. Simpson murder case went.

Another great idea for a show would be to follow up on the current plans. Send Snuka in to work for some boss who is a jerk. You show the guy just treating Snuka and his other employees like crap for a day or two. He doesn’t know who Jimmy is. The boss is eventually told who Jimmy is and made a paid offer to wrestle Jimmy. All of the sudden you show the boss clips of the old Jimmy freaking out on Piper and Muraco and you have a show!

So yes, if you are dying for a show watching the Superfly milk cows or flip burgers you may be in luck. In the end, it would be nice to see his girlfriend’s parents get some money out of this if the show was ever picked up. Unless Jimmy has a daughter on the verge of a pop career, a son about to go to jail, and a wife on the cougar prowl I just don’t see it bruddah!

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