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Jim Crockett Promotions Documentary Kickstarter Campaign Underway

[adinserter block=”1″]The Kickstarter phenomenon is certainly sinking its teeth into pro wrestling. Fresh off of Scott Hall’s successful campaign to raise $80,000, a new Kickstarter is looking for fans to invest in what they are calling the definitive documentary on Jim Crockett Promotions.

Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio is back at it on Kickstarter.com looking to raise funds for his next documentary. Mike was successful in his first Kickstarter.com campaign to raise money for a Dynamite Kid documentary. Now Bochicchio wants to take on a subject close to my heart, the rise and fall of Jim Crockett Promotions.

Bochicchio has posted a couple of videos previewing what the documentary would look like. The clips feature a ton of heavy hitters from the old NWA wrestling territory including Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Ronnie Garvin, and Ricky Morton of the Rock and Roll Express. This begs the immediate question as to why they need a fund raiser when it looks like they have a documentary ready to go.

Mike says that they need money for traveling expenses. The fund raising page says (with errors but who needs perfection when you are asking for $15,000 right?) that they want money to travel around to interview ex-JCP performers and arranging trips with interview subjects, or at least that’s what I think he is asking for. The project won’t launch without meeting the $15,000 goal.

Donations will be rewarded with various awards from Mike. Pledges of $20 and up will receive anything from DVDs, posters, t-shirts, and “thank you” credits in the documentary. A donation of $599 will grab you a ring worn jacket from Bobby Eaton (which has been claimed) while a $499 donation can win you an authentic autographed ring worn outfit from Ricky Morton which is still available.

The new trailer posted from Mike features Magnum T.A. The trailer has quotes from all of the heavy hitters in the area on Magnum. The basic gist here is that Magnum was groomed to be the Hulk Hogan of the territory and if not for his car accident, would have been the heir to the NWA championship and the win to beat Ric Flair.

I grew up watching JCP in the 80s so I am certainly a big fan. I just really don’t understand the need for funds when I am watching a trailer featuring all of the big superstars of the territory. In addition, RF Video has tons of shoot interviews with those guys that Highspots could attempt to use with permission. I am sure the documentary would be a great trip down memory lane but I can’t imagine that there is a story to be told that hasn’t been told already in countless shoot interviews.

[adinserter block=”2″]Regardless, it is not up to me and at this point they have raised over half of the $15k they are asking for and have less than a week to go. I would definitely watch the documentary if it ever comes to fruition. I just won’t be plunking down any money to invest in it.

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