Jim Cornette Contemplates Murdering Vince Russo


Jim CornetteWhen you are Jim Cornette, the lines are definitely blurred between pro wrestling and reality. The blurred line may cost Jim Cornette dearly as a recent email of his reveals his desires to murder TNA Wrestling writer Vince Russo. TNA responded with legal warnings and the wrestling world is a buzz.

In case you haven’t heard, Jim Cornette doesn’t like Vince Russo. Cornette has cut venomous promos on Vince Russo for well over a decade. Corny’s last rant has caused quite a stir in the TNA Wrestling offices. The ROH Executive Producer in an email to Terry Taylor said the following.

“I will say it because I am trying to quell the burning in my heart–I hate Vince Russo. I despise Vince Russo. I want Vince Russo to die. If I could figure out a way to murder him without going to prison, I would consider it the greatest accomplishment of my life.”

Additionally Cornette wrote, “I don’t want any of you to be harmed or affected because of their stupid decisions, but as I said, it’s now my life’s work to f*ck with anything Russo has anything to do with.”

Cornette said several other things that weren’t very flattering towards the TNA Wrestling writer, but it was the paragraph about murder that got the attention of TNA management and their legal counsel. TNA responded with a letter back to Cornette.

[adinserter block=”2″]”It is our view that the foregoing statements constitute “terroristic threats” under virtually every jurisdiction in the country, including under the US Code (18 USC 875) and Kentucky State Law (KRS 508.080). Generally, under both Federal and State Law, a person will be guilty of having made terroristic threats if such person willfully threatens to commit a crime which would result in death or great bodily injury to the victim and demonstrates specific intent to communicate such threat to the victim or to a third party who the perpetrator believes will convey such threat to the intended victim.” Somebody call Jimmy’s mother!

Jim Cornette’s rants on Vince Russo have become weekly fodder whether it being on his website or podcast. While these rants are over a decade old, Cornette did take a break from his anti-Russo crusade. Cornette took a break when he worked with Vince Russo from 2006-2009. You see as much as Cornette ranted for years about how much he hated Vince Russo, he worked alongside Russo for three years while cashing in a paycheck. It’s amazing how you can rant against one individual for ten years and be cordial when you are receiving a paycheck isn’t it?

I know Jim Cornette has been around wrestling for almost as many years as I have been born and I have a great deal of respect for that. However, I must say that I find Jim Cornette to be one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in pro wrestling. Whether it was Vince Russo, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, or Kevin Nash, Cornette has suddenly buried his hatred for his enemies when presented with an opportunity to make a little cash. Hey, I can’t blame him. He has to put food on his table. Yet the day Jim Cornette signed with TNA Wrestling three years ago and worked in some of the goofiest wrestling angles that I have ever seen alongside Russo is the day I lost just about any respect I had for him and his rants.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have heard some people defend Jim Cornette and say that Corny was just cutting a wrestling promo and TNA overreacted. I disagree. Tell me what match or angle Cornette was trying to sell and I will acquiesce that Cornette was cutting a promo. How can you cut a promo about something that isn’t selling a ticket? There is no excuse for Cornette’s email and TNA and Vince Russo have every right to pursue legal action. How would you feel if you found out that someone was sitting at home plotting a way to get away with your murder? The irony here is that most of the time after watching Vince Russo’s TNA shows that I want to kill myself and not Vince Russo.

If Cornette’s intent was to create Internet buzz, then he is a bigger idiot than the Internet fans he criticizes from time to time. See Cornette doesn’t like it when Internet wrestling websites post inside stories that break kayfabe or dish gossip on Jimmy. But it is okay for Jimmy to post these personal emails on his website and dish gossip on others. Once again, welcome to the deranged world of pro wrestling’s biggest hypocrite.

The interesting part about all of this is that Jim Cornette works for Ring of Honor as an executive producer. When I visit the Jim Cornette website I see very little information on Ring of Honor. I am sure if I explored his commentaries that I would find something related to ROH. Yet, Cornette spends more time promoting TNA Wrestling on his website and podcasts than he does the actual companies that he works with.

It also brings up an interesting dilemma for ROH. ROH and TNA just recently started doing business with one another. It would shock me if TNA doesn’t pull their talent from ROH, at least temporarily in support of Vince Russo. The face of your company is writing about wishing murder on someone on his website. I don’t know if there is any right or wrong answer here and unfortunately that puts ROH into a bit of a bind either way.

I loved his promos when I was a kid, I loved the Midnight Express, and I even liked some SMW, but I am real tired of Jim Cornette. At this point you either have the case of a guy desperately trying to create something viral or the ramblings of a guy in serious need of anger management.

Something tells me this could all be smoothed over with a nice little TNA contract and angle. Let’s just cut to the chase Jimmy and name your price so we can all move on in our lives from this nonsense.

Visit JimCornette.com to read both emails and to follow new developments in the story.

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  1. This smells fishy to me. Why are all these emails getting released unless they want people to know about it? If TNA is doing business with ROH right now, this seems like a work to me. This whole things stinks of Russo to me. You'll probably see the braodcasters mentioning it over the next few weeks. Then Russo will come out to address it. I can then see a joint pay-per-view, with Russo against Cornette. A ladder match with a chainsaw at the top, winner gets to kill the loser. Actually I might buy that one.

    As far as I'm concerned though, anything that gets even the slightest bit of publicity for ROH is a good thing. It got someone besides me to talk about them in an article.

  2. I mean you'd think it would be fine…but I guess some bleeding hearts thought it might end up in creating a society that would be full of dicks and anxiety. Guess I have some follow up emails to send out.

  3. “terroristic threats” Ugh overreaction.

    Since when is it illegal to threaten to kill someone?…oh really…every since civil society and a social fabric was woven together huh. Guess he shouldn't do that then.


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