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Jesse Ventura Walks Off Opie And Anthony Show – Video

Jesse Ventura and Jim NortonCheck out the videos of former governor and WWE star, Jesse Ventura walking off of the Opie and Anthony radio show. Ventura got into a heated debate with comedian Jim Norton over political issues. The interview ends with Jesse walking out and dropping some f-bombs. Watching the video, it looks at times as if Jesse is about to power bomb Norton. The look in the former governor’s eyes is something out of a horror movie.

[adinserter block=”1″]There are two videos here. The first are video highlights of the appearance and the even more heated, post-show confrontation. The second clip is just audio, but it does include the actual sequence of events that led to Jesse walking out. As someone that has done radio and interviewed hundreds of guests, I have several viewpoints on this. For one, Norton was just way too over the top and confrontational. It looked from the start that Norton was looking for a fight. I always felt that whether you agreed or disagreed with a guest, you owe them some kind of respect for coming on. I don’t think any guest deserves to be verbally attacked the way Norton went after Jesse. I also think Norton did way too much talking over Jesse. Hey maybe he was mad, but Jesse was the guest and if you ask a question or make a statement, you owe him the opportunity to respond.

[adinserter block=”2″]On the other hand, Jesse has been running around for three years spewing off his ridiculous theories and rhetoric and has barely been challenged. I love listening to Ventura talk, but he always loses a ton of credibility with his 9/11 conspiracy theory. I have heard Jesse on CNN, Fox News, and other media outlets and nobody really challenges him. Even Sean Hannity seems to have more fun with Jesse, then really take him to task on a lot of his ridiculous theories and conspiracies. I am surprised it has taken this long for someone to just lose it on him, although I think Norton’s anger was inspired in drumming up some good radio entertainment. Honestly, I didn’t even find it that entertaining. There is nothing ever entertaining about someone yelling and talking over another person whether it be on television or radio.

People are quick to forget that Jesse comes from pro wrestling, and who’s to say that Jesse even believes what he is saying? What better way to make some quick headlines than an ex-governor that believes in current political conspiracies? Hey, it did get him a television show.

This video is NSFW

In all fairness to Jesse (thanks Meanie)

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  1. —–In talkign about 'bringing the troops back home' from around the world
    –Opis and Anthony like completely programmed jerks.

    The yell –'Out of Korea!'.

    Korea is NOT —was NOT Vietnam. The Korean War began NOT with a
    faked 'incident' but with the greatest mortar and rocket attack in world history
    by the north on the south.

    The Globalists have not only sold out our economy, systematically, to
    the RED Chinese —BUT are bent on bringing in a RED China style
    surveillance system over here.

    You will notice, Hollywood has buried every ten year anniversary of
    the Korean War for half a century now.

    This is serious stuff. Opie and Anthony sound like a couple of
    'on board' capstone punks.


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