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Jesse Jackson Accuses the NFL of Blackballing Michael Vick

Michael VickIt didn’t take long did it? Rev. Jesse Jackson has now taken up the Michael Vick cause. Jackson is now accusing NFL teams of colluding against Vick. According to Jackson, the only reason Vick doesn’t have a job is collusion. I don’t know, but could the fact he has been away for 30 months and hasn’t had a public workout have anything to do with it?

Wow, this story has just gone from tragic to ridiculous. For Jesse Jackson to stick his nose in this is an insult to anyone who truly is suffering due to a case of racism or oppression. Jesse Jackson is a disgrace and is truly the ambulance chaser of celebrity controversy.

Here are the facts on Michael Vick. Michael Vick has been away from football for 30 months! Vick was in prison so chances are he wasn’t staying in football shape. Michael Vick hasn’t had one public workout since coming out of jail. I believe the reason for that is because Vick is not ready to play yet. Anyone signing Vick at this point is taking a chance on a wing and a prayer.

Is Jesse Jackson going to be financially responsible for the team that signs Vick? Why should a team commit the kind of money Vick wants right now to a guy that isn’t ready to play ball? The other thing Jesse is not mentioning is that Vick has multiple standing offers to play in the UFL. This is not a guy being blackballed by anyone here.

Michael Vick could end this mess instantly. Vick could hold a public workout and show the world that he is ready to play football on opening day. Vick could also prove himself in the UFL and then subsequently sign with an NFL team after the season. It isn’t the NFL or any team’s job to hold this guy’s hand. If Mike Vick wants to play in the NFL, he sure as hell isn’t doing everything that he can do to do it.

“I want to make it an issue. I want teams to explain why they have a quarterback who has less skills but is playing or at least is on the taxi squad, and a guy with more skills can’t get into training camp. “Democracy does not guarantee success. Democracy guarantees an opportunity. It’s not fair to de facto try to lock him out of his right to compete. If he can’t make the team, don’t let him play. If he can, let him work.” said Jackson.

What about the guy in the NFL who loses his job to Mike Vick? What about the kid that has done everything right, stayed out of jail, worked his butt off in the off season, falls asleep studying his playbook, and has sacrificed everything in his life to be in the NFL? Who the hell is Jesse Jackson to tell that guy to step aside because the almighty Michael Vick is ready to play football again?

Do I think Mike Vick should be allowed to play football again? I do and so does Roger Goodell. This isn’t about Mike Vick being allowed to play football again. This is about an NFL team committing millions of dollars and a roster spot to a guy that wasn’t that good of a quarterback in the first place. How dare Jesse Jackson try and bully anyone in the NFL into signing a player who hasn’t proven that he can step on to a field and play today.

The only one colluding against Michael Vick from playing in the NFL today is Michael Vick.

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