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Jersey Shore Snooki to appear on WWE RAW tonight

Snooki is going to get RAWWho said one bad idea in pro wrestling doesn’t deserve another? Seeing the ratings bomb Jersey Shore stars have been on TNA Impact, WWE will go down the same road. Jersey Shore’s Snooki will roll into WWE RAW next Monday to start some kind of an angle which will make her a part of WrestleMania 27.

Can someone please send pro wrestling writers and management a memo that reads, “Wrestling fans hate Jersey Shore!” If you don’t believe me just take a look at how well TNA Impact has done with Jersey Shore stars. Ratings have been abysmal for TNA Impact whenever Jersey Shore stars are featured, yet the WWE is somehow convinced that they can do better.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick has turned into a full-fledged pro wrestler with TNA Wrestling. Angelina signed last month and has been a disaster in every which way possible for TNA. Reportedly, TNA paid Angelina $7,000 for her matches. That $7,000 cost TNA their lowest rated segment last week for Angelina’s debut. TNA ratings plummeted from a 1.52 to a 1.17 for the Jersey Shore’s segment which was the lowest of the show.

Additionally, Pivarnick reportedly told that she had been drinking and popping energy pills before her match. You too can also buy that same kind of publicity and atrocious rating for a mere $7,000.

If that wasn’t bad enough, TNA reportedly paid actual Jersey Shore star J Woww $15,000 to make an appearance earlier in the year. Unlike Angelina, J Woww did not wrestle but appeared in a segment with Jersey Shore inspired TNA characters. Like her ex-roomie, J Woww’s segment was also the lowest rated segment of the TNA Impact show in which she appeared in. The ratings for J Woww dropped from a 1.53 to a 1.37 which while better than Angelina’s rating, was still the lowest rated segment of the show.

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Unlike Angelina there were no reports of J Woww boozing and popping pills before her match.

Not to be outdone by TNA Wrestling’s brilliant ideas, reports that Snooki will appear on WWE RAW live Monday March 14. The report does not indicate whether the Snookster will wrestle or just make an appearance. Hey at least the WWE are at least smart enough to book a television star that won’t be competing with her own show.

[adinserter block=”1″]I just don’t get it. Right now the WWE is red hot with two weeks of monster RAW ratings and a ton of momentum thanks to the returns of The Rock and Steve Austin. The increase in ratings come from a lot of fans who haven’t tuned into to RAW in awhile to check out Stone Cold and The Rock. I can’t imagine how thrilled those fans will be to watch someone from Jersey Snore invade WWE RAW.

Reports also indicate that Snooki will be a part of WrestleMania 27. I just wish one day that these wrestling creative writers and Vince McMahon would stop being marks for Hollywood. The obsession in the WWE and TNA as well with celebrities and TMZ gossip is nothing that appeals to general wrestling fans. Ratings for TNA and the celebrity guest host appearances last year prove this yet the WWE and TNA continue to obsess over getting celebrities involved with their shows.

Snooki will probably be involved with Maryse at WrestleMania 27. Maryse made entertainment blogs back in January when she wrote on her Twitter, “Snooki is a ny time bestseller. Common. She’s a fat midget…”

I get it and I don’t think this kind of a thing is necessarily a bad thing but TNA’s experiences prove pro wrestling fans don’t want to watch Jersey Shore stars and will turn the channel in protest. Additionally, now is not the time to pull something like this. Maybe in the off months like May, June, or July but the WWE is playing with fire here.

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