After Monday Night, Is Jerry Lawler’s WWE Career in Doubt?


[adinserter block=”1″]Following a Monday Night Raw that did not feature Jerry Lawler, I am concerned for the legend’s health and wellbeing. As a survivor of a heart attack (at 31 years old) I know the pitfalls that happen along the way to recovery and that every little ache and pain may turn the red light on when it comes to his continued good health.

SEScoops reported that “The King” was hospitalized after falling ill ahead of the show in Baltimore. “Breaking news coming out of Baltimore, Maryland – site of tonight’s WWE RAW. WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler has been hospitalized. Lawler was vomiting and experiencing chest pains this afternoon and it quickly became clear he needed urgent medical attention. The news comes from a reliable source who is backstage at RAW right now.”

Kevin Cerrito of MemphiSport (via PW Mania) reported that Lawler is doing better and is feeling “fine.”

But the concern is very real that one of professional wrestling’s greatest to eve put on a wrestling getup is still dealing with health and wellness issues in the WWE. And we all know Lawler’s health is a topic of great concern since his on air heart attack over a year ago.

Is the stress and strain of the road and his commitment to the WWE affecting his health? I for one sure hope not. Lawler is someone I watched as a youngster with his Mid-South Wrestling outfit where we were introduced to the likes of Austin Idol, The Nightmare and Randy Savage. He, Tojo Yamamoto and Jerry Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett’s father) created a buzz in Memphis – one that hit on the affection of a southern culture and made Lawler, “The King,” a realistic god in the area. The artists, author, creative mind, wrestler and father to Brian Christopher, was even pimped to run for political office in the state of Tennessee.

While Robert Fuller and others have been successful in the state, Lawler “IS” wrestling in Memphis and a major player in the past of the WWF.

Lawler, as written on his Wikipedia page, began his WWF career in December 1992 as an announcer on WWF Superstars of Wrestling. From 1993 to 1995, he feuded with Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart family. The feud began at King of the Ring when Lawler interrupted Hart’s victory ceremony and attacked Bret. Lawler claimed that he was the only true king in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and the two were scheduled to wrestle at SummerSlam to settle the dispute. At the event, however, Lawler came to the ring on crutches and claimed that he could not wrestle because of injuries suffered in a car accident.

Hart faced Lawler’s “court jester”, Doink the Clown instead, and beat him by submission. Lawler then attacked Hart, revealing that he was not injured. Hart defeated Lawler by submission but refused to release the Sharpshooter. As a result, the referee reversed the decision and awarded the title of “Undisputed King of the World Wrestling Federation” to Lawler.

Can the WWE afford to keep Lawler in their plans of continued commentary week after week? Will doctors both personal and professional allow the 64-year-old to continue to do what he has done basically all his life?

Lawler has also spent time in the ring in the past three years, feuding with Michael Cole and The Miz as well as Jack Swagger, his current ringside announcing partner. Since his heart attack, Lawler has been doing commentary and in-ring interviews, but has not been part of any spots or programs where his health was in question.

[adinserter block=”2″]If the WWE has to continue to worry about Lawler and his current health, then changes might be made within the commentary responsibilities of the company. Since his friend and co-commentator Jim Ross has retired from the WWE and the immense popularity of JBL since his return to the broadcast table, it could be possible the WWE returns to a two-man rotation out of necessity.

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  1. I am sure he appreciates everyone’s concerns but I read the doctor’s cleared him months ago to wrestle and his heart is said to be fine. If that is the case, then the man has a right to live his life the way that he wants to. If he still enjoys wrestling and promoters are willing to put him on their cards then he should continue to do what he loves. The 24 hour stomach bug can happen to anyone so let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. I will actually argue that with him being in his 60’s and after suffering a heart attack last year, there is a great potential storyline in that. If he wants to still wrestle, have him win a title for a night or two (just a short program) and then retire strictly to the announcer’s table. It would be a feel good story.

  2. I grew up watching Jerry in USWA then eventually WWE. No matter the role, he never failed to succeed at entertaining. He is a top 5 all time in my book. But I think its time to move on. The announce table is too busy and JBL has no chemistry with King. I just think its time for something new.

  3. Second guessing is fine but he had tests and everything was fine. The doctors have said that it was okay for him to even wrestle. Vince McMahon is around Lawler's age, so is he a liability as owner because of his age? It depends on the individual. People can get the flu or food poisoning at any age and there is no story here.

  4. No offense but this one is absurd. Lawler had food poisoning. That has nothing to do with stress and Lawler only flies up for Monday Raw and Pay Per Views. He does still do some indy shows but the doctors have cleared him and if he wants to still wrestle, that is his business and no one else's. Yes, he had a heart attack last year but according to reports there was no actual damage done to his heart so he is in very good health. A person can get the flu or have food poisoning at any age.

    • No offense but there are some within the company that aren't buying the food poisoning. It probably was but it does bring up a larger issue whether Lawler at his age is a liability as a commentator. A heart attack is a serious thing and I don't think there is anything wrong with a little second guessing here whether he was food poisoned or not.

  5. This is a very interesting debate. I for one also don't wanna see Lawler retire or become even more sick. I've loved Lawler since I started watching wrestling and continue to love his commentary to this day. However, I don't think he is that unhealthy where he has to retire. I still think Jim Ross is good enough to continue to commentate but we all believe he's not because of a higher power in WWE. Nonetheless, I believe the on the road trips Lawler has to take every week for Raw and Smackdown isn't doing anything terrible to him. Lawler needs to learn how to stay out of the ring and relax, which from what ive read, he doesn't do that (with various independent appearences, i haven't heard about him wrestling lately but still). His illness at Raw was said to be just a flu, which I believe because it's flu season and we are getting it bad. I think it had nothing to do with his heart. Should Lawler retire soon? Yes, but he shouldn't be forced retired by WWE or because of his heart attack. He should retire because he wants too.

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