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Jericholic a Decade Now and Still Going Strong!

Chris JerichoAfter putting some thought for this article, I thought I should write an article about why an ‘old-school’ wrestling fan enjoys Chris Jericho, my favorite pro wrestler.

Now why would I keep writing articles about Chris Jericho? It’s like beating a dead horse, right? I would say so, but I am willing to offer up reasoning behind why I love to write so much about Chris Jericho.

In other articles, as is this, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been a fan of the sport for over twenty years. With growing up in the sport and having a new-found respect for guys who actually get down and wrestle, I’m finding myself cheering more and more for them. Which is why I am on the ‘Chris Jericho Band Wagon.’

Talking to one of my friends last night about professional wrestling, we got on the topic of Chris Jericho. He mentioned that it’s sad that people always make Chris Jericho as a joke. People never take Chris Jericho seriously, and I get irate over that. Why do I get so angry about that? Chris Jericho is Ric Flair and Roddy Piper of our generation. Besides Triple H, I believe Chris Jericho is the best heel of the decade of 2000 to 2009, if not, since Flair and Piper went out of their prime in the early ‘90’s.

But enough of me going off on why I enjoy Jericho, because there are articles out there here on about me being on his band wagon, let me offer up more reasons why I do enjoy Jericho’s work and why people should take him seriously and quit making him out as a joke!

Multiple Time World Champion

“Come on! So is John Cena…” Blah-blah-blah! I hear this all the time whenever I bring this up. Chris Jericho is a five time World Champion. A two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. The very first Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Won the World Heavyweight title twice this past year. Jericho doesn’t need the higher, multiple World title reigns like John Cena, Edge, Kurt Angle, Triple H, or whoever else to stand out like he has.

Looking at the list that Jericho has been for his five World titles, it’s a legendary list. The Rock, Steve Austin, Batista… A legendary list, for sure. Jericho also has had great matches as World Champ, with CM Punk, Batista, Triple H, John Cena, Steve Austin, and the Rock. In my eyes, no one is better today to have the World title on than Chris Jericho.

Championship Title History

Five-time World Champ, won the tag team titles, European titles, Television titles, Cruiserweight titles, and the record setting nine-time Intercontinental Champion. Chris Jericho once said that he wanted to be the second Shawn Michaels, than chose to be a first Chris Jericho. Thank you Jericho for doing such.

Walls of Jericho

Who else in the sport today still uses a submission move as their one of their finishing moves? Really no one! Another reason why people don’t take Jericho seriously is that he still embraces the old-school wrestling on having a submission move as his finishing move.

Nowadays the Walls of Jericho is more less a Boston Crab, but originally Jericho was using his Walls of Jericho (or Lion Tamer) as an Evaluated Boston Crab. Call me old school, but whenever I do see the Walls being locked in, but I do mark when I see the Boston Crab being locked in and even-more-so when someone actually taps out to it.

Another thing while I love about the Walls of Jericho: when Chris Jericho holler’s out “ASK HIM!”

Entrance Music

It may be cheesy that I am bring up his theme music up, but he’s one of few guys that had the same theme song for over a decade (in the WWE, that is). With face turns and heel turns, Jericho’s theme song always stayed the same, which is something I’ve always enjoyed when the sport has changed people back and forth from being a good guy and a bad guy.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Jericho’s theme song is that he still used it after he came back from taking a break after two years. Other wrestlers that did something similar: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan.

Business Suit and Tie

Throwing in another old-school reference, but not since the days of the IV Horsemen in the NWA/WCW did anyone come out for their interviews in a business suit and tie. I think this shows that Chris Jericho has class, and is a classic heel. I do believe having a wrestler coming out to a suit and tie shows that they are professional, and should be taken as a professional. [Take note faces: take a lesson from Chris Jericho… Be more professional in out-of-ring attire!].

Last But Not Least… FOZZY!

A couple of other wrestlers tried to jump in the world outside of professional wrestling (Hulk Hogan [movies], John Cena [movies, music], ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage [music]) that tried to make something out of themselves, and I believe flopped. Why do I say that? Most of the wrestlers that go outside of the business to try to make more money, or whatever reason they may have, usually flop. Jericho, on the other hand, has three rock albums out and is in the process of finishing up their fourth album.

Why would I mention his rock band, Fozzy? Yes, I’ll admit, I’m a huge Fozzy Fanatic. And I’ll admit, I also do have Hulk Hogan’s album (Hulk Rules with Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band), John Cena’s album (My Time is Now) and his movies (the Marine and 12 Rounds), and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s album (Be a Man), but nothing ever came out of them. No one outside of wrestling cares, heck, people inside wrestling even says that they suck! What does that say about Jericho’s band Fozzy?


I hope this article opens your eyes on seeing that Jericho isn’t a joke, and someone should be taken seriously. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, listening to Eric Gargiulo’s interview with Dan Severn, goodbye!

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