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Chris Jericho – Around the World in Spandex: Book Review

Chris Jericho bookWWE world heavyweight champion Chris Jericho‘s autobiography, A lions Tale – Around the World in Spandex is one of the first books from a pro wrestler I have ever read that transcends party lines. Whether you are a fan of WWE wrestling, sports, music, or even a salesman, I think that anyone who has traveled the road doing anything for a living would love this book.

Today many WWE wrestlers are signed with little to no experience at all. Those wrestlers are sent to a developmental territory to learn the craft and are then brought up to the main roster. Things were quite different for Chris Jericho and his road to superstardom.

The book is written by arguably one of the most successful professional wrestlers of this generation, Chris Jericho. Chris calls himself the last of a dying breed of wrestlers who had to travel the territories as well as internationally, to carve their path in the business. Chris came from Canada and would travel all over the world before getting his first big break in the United States. Some would argue that Chris’ first break was SMW while others may argue ECW. The best part is that Jericho has stories about both of his runs and the roads traveled along the way.

[adinserter block=”1″]My favorite part about being hosting a pro wrestling radio talk show is hearing about all of the crazy travel stories from my guests. Some of the craziest stories you will ever hear come from professional wrestlers big and small. This book is an easy read and I felt as if I was traveling with Chris on a long trip to nowhere, listening to his stories.

Some of my favorite stories from Chris Jericho are about his travels to Mexico. The book gives the reader a fascinating perspective about a young kid, inexperienced, and in a foreign country for the first time. As a local wrestling star, Chris experienced the good and the bad of life in Mexico. The book almost ended here as Chris recalls a story of being abducted and having a gun pointed at him on a deserted road.

Chris’ self deprecating humor when describing his experiences with the female persuasion are hilarious. A very inexperienced Chris Jericho found himself suddenly faced with the fruits of being a local wrestling star in that particular town. What would you do in that situation? Probably just about everything Chris wound up doing which made the stories easy to relate to.

[adinserter block=”2″]If you are looking for dirt and stories about Chris’ WWE run, you will likely be disappointed. Chris doesn’t go into the WWE very much at all. The book is written more about his road to stardom and not so much what happened when he got there. As an old-school fan of territorial wrestling I loved the stories probably more so than I would if he had written about his WWE run.

I won’t spoil anything and tell you about my favorite stories in the book. You owe it to yourself to read the book yourself. I would highly recommend this book whether you are a WWE fan or even a Chris Jericho fan. Readers will love it and will probably finish the book within a day or two. The book is fantastic and would probably even make a great movie if done right. You owe it to yourself to take a trip around the world in spandex with Chris Jericho.

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