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Chris Jericho and Edge: Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions

Chris Jericho and EdgeProbably the biggest shocker from the Bash is Chris Jericho and Edge walking out of the Bash as the Unified (or Undisputed) Tag Team Champions. Why were they in the match? Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long was in need for a shock for his job, so what bigger shock of putting two former World Champions together to win and hold the Tag Team titles?

In my personal opinion, and being a philosophy student in college, my philosophical opinion, I couldn’t think of a better tag team champs than Jericho and Edge since tag team wrestling was hot in the 1980s to early 2000s. Really since the WCW/ECW “Alliance” “Invasion” storyline in 2001, tag team wrestling really went in the toilet and was waiting for someone to flush it down. Entered unifying the two tag titles in the WWE at WrestleMania XXV.

Not taking anything from the Colon brothers, I believe that Jericho and Edge would only but benefit the tag titles and their opponents as champs. First things first, both men were former Intercontinental Champions, Tag Team Champions, and World Champions. Jericho even held the tag team titles with Edge’s kayfabe brother Christian, and Edge even held the tag titles with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan for several weeks back in 2002. To top it off, Chris Jericho’s the only guy to say that he was the very first Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one-half of the Undisputed WWE World Tag Team Champion.

Talking philosophically, I think with Jericho and Edge as the Undisputed Tag Champs, the WWE doesn’t need to try to figure out how to put them in the main event status, move them back and forth on all three shows, help build up the tag team division in the company, and help build up the new guys in tag teams.

Heck, Jericho and Edge could very well even start a new faction underneath them. Both men can draw major heat, so why not put a couple of new guys underneath them to help rub off onto them to quite possibly do what Evolution did for Randy Orton and Batista, evaluate those guys into main event status after the group disbands.

To conclude, putting the Unified, Undisputed, or whatever the WWE wants to call them, putting the Tag Team Championship on Chris Jericho and Edge is well worth it. The Colons can have their best matches with those guys, help bring them up to being main event status, and whoever else the WWE wants to have challenge them for the straps.

If the WWE would keep the straps on Jericho and Edge, and give them three guys underneath them for a rub, they could have a Survivor Series match up right there. But knowing the WWE, they would end this before it really starts. Hopefully Mr. McMahon and the WWE doesn’t end this early before they go far with Jericho and Edge as the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, and get something out of them.

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