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Jeri-Miz: Next Unified Tag Team Champions of the WWE?

Chris JerichoIf anyone remembers the articles I sent into last summer, I wrote a lot about then Unified Tag Team Champions, Edge and Chris Jericho, then turned Big Show and Chris Jericho (Jeri-Show). With my return back to after a couple of months off due to end-of-the-year projects and finals, I’m back in the saddle again and I’m better than ever (hopefully, that is—with new ways of making my writings better for all of you loyal CCB fans).

Chris Jericho, former World Heavyweight Champion. Two time WCW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and first ever Undisputed WWF Champion. He’s been a multi-time tag team champion, and first ever nine-time Intercontinental Champion. There are many title runs that I’m missing out of Chris Jericho’s storied career.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Miz, current United States Champion. Been one-half of the tag team champions for the past couple of years. The Miz was on one of the first Tough Enough’s when the WWE did those series years back. John Morrison and Maven were some guys who were featured on Tough Enough. I’m sure I’m missing some title reigns Miz had, but I don’t follow his career, sorry.

Why would Jeri-Miz excite me? The first Raw after the draft, when it was teased that those two men may start tagging up with one another got me excited. The reason is this: both me can talk with the best of them, maybe considered the best guys on the mic in the business today, and with Jericho helping “groom” Miz to be a future World Champion, I think everyone benefits from this two men teaming up with one another and capturing the tag team straps.

Just think, if these two men would team up together, how angry could they make their opponents and the fans? We all know Jericho and the Miz are great on getting the fans to hate them. Teaming up together could only make the fans hate them in a different way that we haven’t had the chance to boo them before. Come on, who wouldn’t want to boo Jericho and Miz more? Well, I wouldn’t want to boo Jericho, so I wouldn’t, but we all know I’m bias towards “the man that speaks the truth.”

[adinserter block=”2″]Could I see these men as the next Unified Tag Team Champs? I would like to see it; I think their feud with the Hart Dynasty. I think their feud could bring in some fans into the tag division. Really, I do feel that way. I feel that the team of Jeri-Miz would only but better the ever dying division that we came to love (at least for the old-school fans) of the business of professional wrestling. Would they be the next Road Warriors or the Hart Foundation? No, but with the success and wisdom that Jericho brings to the team and the youth that the Miz brings as well to the table, I think putting the straps on these men would benefit the titles and benefit their careers. With Jericho on Raw, there’s not really much you can do with him. Why not have him team up with the Miz and dominate the tag division. Smackdown could need a little help this October when they move over to the Syfy network. I’m just saying.

To wrap up this piece, a first of many coming this summer, the summer of 2010, I think teaming Chris Jericho and the Miz as the next big tag team would only benefit the tag division because of what they could bring to the table, and to help raise up new babyfaces in the company, something that we all need to see, something that I wanted to see for a long while. But I am Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time….

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  1. You fool Chris doesn't plan to retire he still has plenty of years left .Mn you arte such a mark .I can never boo Chris ever and he is the best in wwe period .Jeri-Miz will win and be our next unified tag team champions .The Harst suck and do nothing with the titles .

  2. Step 1: Form a Jeri-Show-Miz alliance

    Step 2: Give them the tag titles

    Step 3: Invoke the Freebird rule

    Step 4: ?

    Step 5: $PROFIT$

  3. If you think Jericho's over rated, where is Triple H and John Cena? I believe they're more over rated than Jericho is. Those two guys have more shots at the World title than Jericho had World title defenses. Sorry, but I find that unfair.

  4. i think that it would be awesome to boo jericho adn the miz but i would boo jericho mor cause hes right just over rated now and hes probably about to retire anyways. the miz is a great wrestler even though he talks to much. they should become the next unified tag team champions to prove they have what it takes but don't think they will become the next unified tag teams cause right now the hart dynasty are the best and they are proven to Bret Hart that they are the best at what they do.


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