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Jeremy Piven Gets Physical On WWE RAW

Ari GoldJeremy Piven brought “The Goods” with him to WWE RAW. Piven had been hyping a special co-host on his Twitter account over the weekend. I was hoping that Piven would bring one of the writers from Entourage. Instead, we were treated to Dr. Ken who was a story all in himself.

Jeremy Piven continued the gimmick of WWE Guest Hosts last night on RAW. Piven brought along a sidekick named Dr. Ken. Dr. Ken was actually actor Ken Jeong, most recently seen as the crazy Asian mafia boss in The Hangover. The two were there to promote their new movie The Goods and well, not much else.

The opening was rather bizarre even for WWE RAW standards. Piven and Ken came out to rap music and hyped up the crowd. The bizarre part of this was that it seemed to last five long minutes. Jeong was in total character playing something of an ambiguous pimp. Piven was himself and unfortunately never morphed into Ari Gold.

[adinserter block=”1″]Things got weirder as the Miz and John Cena came into the ring. The four men had a bit of a meeting where Piven made a Lumberjack Match between Cena and the Miz for later that night. Piven added several stipulations including that if the Miz lost, he could not come to ”Summer Fest.” Yes, Summer Fest not SummerSlam. Cena quickly covered and Piven had a little fun with the mistake.

Piven and Jeong were seen doing taped segments for the rest of the night. Piven was actually really good, but Jeong was just a little to over the top. Once again the WWE writers remained consistent in producing horrible content. Most of the segments consisted of Piven getting promotion in for his new movie. I would guess that there was a 10/1 ratio in the number of times The Goods was mentioned on RAW as opposed to SummerSlam.

Like Shaq and Seth Green, Piven came out for the final match of the night. Piven announced that he was a Randy Orton fan and swerved John Cena by picking all heel lumberjacks. Dr. Ken and Piven then made their way down to ringside to watch the final match.

Also like Seth Green and Shaq, Piven got into the action after the match. Piven landed a high cross body press off the top rope onto Cena. Cena caught him and held him until Dr. Ken entered the ring. Cena subsequently pressed Dr. Ken over the top ropes onto the wrestlers at ringside.

[adinserter block=”2″]Also on the show, Legacy beat Triple H. Triple H was later seen calling Shawn Michaels on the phone. Michaels hung up on Triple H after Hunter asked if he was ready. I am not sure where they are going with this, but I am sure it will be good. Anything with Shawn Michaels is usually pretty good.

All in all it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. Piven was really good in his role, yet Jeong was just a little too much. Next week the WWE finally brings a pro wrestler into the WWE Guest Host seat. Former WWE champion, Sgt. Slaugher will be next week’s guest. The over/under is 50 on the number of times Sarge calls someone a maggot.

Unfortunately Piven and Cena were never able to hug it out.

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