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Jennifer Lawrence Starred in this Monotonous Thriller Before her Oscars Nominations

American actress Jennifer Lawrence is known for playing several iconic roles throughout her career span. But little did people are aware that before Jennifer’s oscar nominations, she was starred in this monotonous thriller which no one is aware of. Sounds weird right? It is not plausible to imagine a Jennifer Lawrence movie that is boring and dull, but indeed there is a movie.

Although Lawrence has a stellar reputation, whether it’s for her brilliant performance as the witty and cynical Kate in Don’t Look Up or for her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games. It’s difficult to imagine a Jennifer Lawrence film that isn’t good because she is so skilled and always impresses audiences. No matter whether it is in a dark comedy or a drama. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, starred in a low-budget thriller in 2012 that sticks out among her resume.

The name of the movie is The House at the End of the Street. This appears to be a significant shift from Lawrence’s previous work. After the thrilling Winter’s Bone, The Hunger Games, and The Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence seems a strange choice to lead in this bland thriller. That is, however, due to the film’s delayed release; it was shot in 2010 but didn’t see the light of day until two years later.

Obviously, by the characteristics themselves, it is quite evident that the movie didn’t do well. The thriller wasn’t a hit at all. It was highly criticized by audiences and netizens for its flawed plot. The movie was far from what you expect from a Jennifer Lawrence movie. No drama, no thrill, and no substance.

Talking about the statistics concerning the movies, the movie had a 13 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. Besides that, the overall consensus is that it isn’t scary or engaging. It’s really bad because the premise of the film sounds intriguing. But on the other hand, the movie isn’t that good.

The story goes in a way that Elissa which is played by Lawrence and her divorced mother played by Sarah Elizabeth Shue move to a new town and a frightening mansion. This is a common beginning to many horror films, so everything feels similar. But the film still has a chance to redeem itself and grow more exciting.

The movie is like any other horror movie that you will find on any of the streaming platforms. The House at the End of the Street has far too many ostensibly exciting revelations, one after the other. When viewers peel back the layers, they’ll discover that the film lacks a clear premise or any sort of meaning.

Apart from all these flaws, the character building in the movie is something that lacked a lot. The ending of House at the End of the Street will make viewers pause and rewind, wondering if the movie actually ended there. The movie will force you to ponder upon several questions but won’t answer any.



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