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Jeff Hardy Wants to Return to the WWE

Jeff Hardy is a name that comes up from time to time as a superstar that WWE fans would love to see back in their universe. While currently under contract to TNA Wrestling, Jeff recently dropped a bombshell on Ric Flair’s podcast telling fans that a return is not a matter of if but when.

Jeff Hardy for all of his troubles outside of the ring is a guy that could walk back into the WWE tomorrow and be a difference maker. Like Daniel Bryan, Jeff’s rise to the top in the WWE was organic and remains one of the largest merchandise sellers of the 21st century. With declining ratings and a new network to promote, Jeff Hardy is arguably the name wrestling elsewhere.

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Jeff made a rare podcast appearance on Ric Flair’s Wooo Nation and is making headlines with answers gave in regards to a WWE return. Jeff was asked with the Dudleys now back in the WWE, if fans will ever see the return of Jeff and another run with the Dudleys. His candid answer may surprise you.

I think there’s a huge possibility down the road. I’m not sure when, but I think Matt and myself would love to end our careers in the WWE, and it would be super great to be able to have a few more good ones with the Dudley Boyz. As far as us returning and having more matches with them, it all depends on how long they’re going to be there and how long it takes us to get there. Everything depends on my knee, as far as my future.

That is a big story right there. Jeff is currently under contract to TNA until February 2016. Jeff has a knee injury and is going to try wrestling through the injury, which would prevent him from missing time. Jeff told Ric that surgery could keep him out for a year. The story here is that this is one of the only times I can recall where he has publicly said he wants to come back. Jeff left in 2009 and even after his trouble with the law, he was under negotiations to come back in 2010 before signing with TNA. This all said, there is always the possibility that he gets surgery and TNA releases him as a cost-cutting measure but as of today, the earliest he could return would be around WrestleMania 32.

Jeff was later asked about a “bucket list” and it certainly didn’t include anything from TNA Wrestling.

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There are two big things. I’ve never got to do a Hell in the Cell, and I’ve never been in the main event at WrestleMania. Ultimately, it could all work out one day before it’s all over and if I’m able and healthy enough down the road, those are two things I would love to do. Other than that, I’ve done most of everything I’ve wanted to do. I just hope I can get over this knee injury and get back to normal and be better than ever. I’m a little bummed out and afraid right now, because I’ve never been threatened by a serious injury before and this feels pretty serious.

I can’t imagine anyone in TNA management is happy with Jeff’s candor. To have your biggest star publicly admit that he wants to come back to the WWE and put over WWE events as his bucket list when you are kicking off a new television deal makes them look bush league. True or not, Jeff certainly doesn’t appear worried about rattling any political feathers here.

One thing is for sure. Jeff Hardy wants to come back to the WWE and I have to think they’d love to have him. It is now truly a matter of “when” with the “if” question unequivocally answered.

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