Jeff Hardy Returns To TNA Impact Wrestling This Week


The Hardys taser Reby SkyI couldn’t make this one up if I tried. On the same week TNA Wrestling fired one Hardy, they will be bringing back another. Jeff Hardy will return from suspension this Thursday’s live Impact, less than a week after his brother Matt was fired after being charged with a DWI.

Jeff broke the news Monday on his Twitter page.

Ok it’s official…time to go back2work!I will be in Huntsville,AL this Thursday with ImpactWrestling!!!!

[adinserter block=”2″]This may go down as one of the strangest booking moves in TNA history and that says a lot. Jeff Hardy has been on an indefinite suspension after ruining the Victory Road pay per view main-event by showing up incapacitated and unable to wrestle. It has been reported that TNA has been pressuring Jeff (and his brother Matt) to go to rehab during this suspension, although both deny it. Jeff did not and it looks like he will wind up winning yet another game of chicken with TNA Wrestling.

I don’t think you need to look much further than my recent story on TNA Impact Wrestling ratings if you are looking to find the reason behind this decision. TNA Impact has been on a dangerous slide lately hitting a 1.05 with last week’s Impact. The last thing TNA wants to do is to avoid anything below a 1.0. I can’t think that bringing Jeff back is a Hail Mary attempt by TNA to get their ratings up and keep them from hovering in that 1.0 range.

It is funny because if you really think about it, between the two Matt should be the one with the job while Jeff should be fired. Jeff is on trial facing drug charges, although he had them when TNA signed him (even more brilliant). He completely ruined a pay per view main-event. Plus, it was Jeff that was actually the one who tasered Matt’s girlfriend Reby Sky in the infamous video. Yet it was Matt who got canned before going to trial on his charges while Jeff is back on Impact. Obviously we all know the answer is that Jeff is the bigger draw, but still it makes you wonder why they even bothered firing Matt if this is the case.

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I have always been a Jeff Hardy fan, most of us have. But there is no denying that the guy presents more of a risk than potential reward to any company that would dare book him. He may have all of the talent in the world, but if he is too messed up to wrestle, what does it matter? By bringing him back, TNA is putting everyone from the bookers, the wrestlers, and the fans in a compromising position because a screw up like the one at Victory Road is a screw up that impacts a lot of people.

[adinserter block=”1″]So if Jeff can’t be fired for showing up messed up to a pay per view main-event (keep in mind that he no-showed a pay per view on his first run with TNA), what is the barometer? I applauded Dixie Carter for acting swiftly over the weekend and sending a message to the locker room with Matt Hardy’s release. I spoke too fast. The buck stops with her and why she continues to be infatuated with Jeff at the risk of her entire company is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Hey listen, a clean Jeff Hardy is a huge asset to TNA. I wouldn’t be writing this if he went to rehab or showed any evidence that he was a changed man during this off time. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and bringing back a guy with no remorse on the week his brother makes TMZ headlines with a mug shot that rivals Nick Nolte will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in and out of the ring of the Dixie Carter era of TNA Wrestling.

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  1. I don't bet on Jeff making any changes in the ratings, at least no significant ones. Considering he just had a new custom title belt requisitioned from Top Rope Belts-one that says "Omega Enigmatic Champion" and features blinking lights for eyes (dear god)-expect him to be TNA World Champion again in no time. Because, as we've all learned from TNA, putting your world title on a drug abusing felon is always a good idea.

    • Each time when Jeff came back after a problem, he was awesome, WWE or TNA, so any wrestling fan can't deny this…I am sure Jeff will be great this time too…I know he has this huge addiction that constantly ruined and ruins his life-in ring and I suppose at home too- but he is still an awesome one in ring by what he always creates, not only as wrestler but as one of the most charismatic character-heel or babyface- he has an unique talent to straight in peoples heart, by his multiple talents as an unique artist in ring…I can never think about Jeff as a simple wrestler but as that one that creates storylines, hot storylines by all he does there…. yes, many wrestlers better than him today, bun no one so fascinating like charismatica enigma… his addiction will maybe follow him all his life, but I truly hope he will handle it one way or another, to remain what we know; talented unique JNH !

  2. From a story standpoint, I can't wait to see how the whole Immortal divorce angle plays out. Even if it's a risk, it's a guaranteed win for TNA–they get one of their top dogs back on a live show, so now there's that feeling that anything can happen. My guess is that Hardy acknowledges his brother's mistakes, says Matt was a bad influence, and turns face to fight Angle and Immortal. He could also reunite with Anderson.

    Regardless, this should be a great show and the ratings will hopefully prove it.


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