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Javon Walton: The 15 Year Old Actor from Euphoria Lands Another Role

Javon Walton is on a mission to do big things! The 15-year-old actor’s time on Euphoria may have to an end but the streaming platform Netflix has something more exciting for him in the store.  We might get to see Javon Walton bringing his charismatic self on our screens soon with something exciting. Check out this article to know the full details!

Javon Walton’s Next Big Steps

Euphoria’s cast is making a lot of noise globally for delivering such incredible performances and leaving huge impacts on their personalities. Javon Walton is one of the bright talents coming into the spotlight. The 15-year-old Ashtray is a witty teenager assisting his older brother in drug dealing. He appeared throughout Season 1 and a dramatic end in Season 2 may have indicated Ashtray’s farewell to the world of Euphoria. But this is not the end of the road for our Ashtray. The 15-year-old Javon Walton will be a part of The Umbrella Academy Season 3. Netflix has not announced the arrival date for the third season but it will come out sometime in 2022.  The news has been confirmed by himself in an interview with Esquire. He said he aspires to work in the Batman movie alongside Rober Pattinson but he will surely be seen in the upcoming season of The Umbrella Academy.  The third season of The Umbrella Academy was confirmed back in November 2020 with its filming starting in 2021. The season is all set to focus on the Hotel Oblivion, Sparrow Academy, and how the Umbrella Academy will deal with its new reality. Javon Walton shared with Esquire about the phenomenal working experience with the whole cast of The Umbrella Academy, particularly with Elliot Page and Aidan Gallagher.  Although the character and the kind of role Javon is playing in The Umbrella Academy season 3 is under wraps but it is surely going to be unexpected for his fans.

A little about Javon Walton 

Javon Walton, the 15 year old star boy from the popular show Euphoria is more than just a supremely talented actor. Javon Walton is an athlete and model who happens to do voice-overs for some projects too.  Javon Walton is very vocal about his interests and future goals. It clearly shows through his social media handles. Javon Walton is preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics in 2 sports.  He has a dream to represent in the Olympics 2024 Paris Olympics competing in Boxing and Gymnastics.  Javon Walton started boxing at the age of 4 and put his foot into gymnastics soon after that. It has been a dream for Javon Walton to compete athletically at the international level.  Considering his will and dedication towards achieving his goals, he is sure to add those feathers on his sleeve soon.
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