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Jason Jordan’s Slow WWE Road To Relevancy

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Jason Jordan is going to be okay. Not everyone believes that right now and it’s understandable. After all WWE has been known to drop the ball when it comes to getting younger talent over. Every Superstar can’t be Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose. Sometimes it’s a hit or a miss.

Sometimes the company has no idea what it’s doing. Zack Ryder is the perennial example of this but he’s still around. Jordan’s critics likely believe that will ultimately be his fate as well. He’ll be kept around as long as he keeps a good attitude and as long as he’s useful. Who knows? Maybe he won’t last that long.

But even though it’s a mess right now, JJ has a tremendous upside. He’s not exactly a natural on the mic and his ability to translate from the athletic game to the professional has been debated. He’s shown flashes of brilliance in the past, especially when he was paired with Chad Gable in American Alpha.

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However since he came to Monday Night Raw, many fans now feel he’s nothing more than a one-trick pony. He’s on his own and forced to somehow make a go of it with no one in his corner. It’s not exactly been a train wreck thus far but maybe that’s an understatement. Again, it’s a mess.

Jordan was a babyface and doing just fine but the crowd grew tired of his smile. That’s what happens in WWE; do too well too soon and they will turn on you. Jordan should be applauded for his athleticism and massive potential, but that’s not the case. Fans hate him. He could heal the sick and walk on water yet fans would still boo him out of the building.

They’re doing that now because of the Kurt Angle connection. It was a long-shot to get Jordan over and maybe it wasn’t designed to do that; at least not yet. Maybe this is about showcasing Jordan in the ring as much as possible, while building his character one step at a time. That’s how it should be done and Jordan’s only 29. He’s got plenty of time and he will only get better.

But the mess came when Jordan began to show signs of turning heel. If a character change was meant to happen, it would obviously be due to Jordan’s relationship with Angle. He would surely want dear old dad to step in and make life easier for him. That’s what a heel would do. Why not use that idea and begin moving Jordan on to the next phase of character development?

The problem is, Jordan is picking a fight with top guys and not backing down. He’s only begged off a few times and that was after he stepped up and made the challenge. He’s had good showings against John Cena and Roman Reigns. He talks a great game and then gets in the ring to prove he’s actually got game. He only asks for another shot at another guy and he does it right after losing a hard fought match. That’s typically not what a heel does.

He pulled Samoa Joe off of Roman Reigns on the December 4 edition of Raw even after Reigns had won the match against Jordan. Instead of turning tail and running away after angering Joe, Jordan instead stood his ground and beckoned Joe to get back in the ring for more. Corey Graves even put over Jordan’s respect for Reigns while on commentary. It looked as though Jordan was perhaps making some progress.

But then Reigns delivered the Superman Punch to Jordan, laying him out. Why? For what reason? Reigns had already beaten JJ. He could have stood toe-to-toe with Jordan and reminded the kid that he didn’t need his help. He could’ve even bumped fists with Jordan as a sign of respect. So why attack him?

This is the part where it indeed looks as though WWE has no clue how to book this guy. Its déjà vu for fans who remember back to Rocky Maivia and recall how hard it was for him to get over. He may have impressed WWE Creative because of his talent and charisma, but that was no guarantee he was going to make it. It was his ability to talk that finally got him over the hump. He was entertaining and fans naturally gravitated to him.

That’s not to say Jordan is the next Rock. But it is interesting that Jordan is on the flagship program, rubbing shoulders with Kurt Angle and working the top tier of WWE. His booking has been nothing short of bizarre but it’s apparent that WWE does indeed see something in Angle’s storyline son.

That something may be much bigger than fans even realize right now. If Jordan was thought of as nothing more than a solid hand meant to work at the mid-card, then why not start him there? He could have flown under the radar when it comes to main event matches, yet worked his way up. The angle with Kurt could have happened but WWE instead could have kept Jordan humble and right where he was.

Of course that’s not the reality of the situation. Jordan is hanging out with main event players and learning his craft against the men trusted to carry WWE. He’s getting a crash course in how to succeed in the world’s largest pro wrestling company and what he learns today will be used tomorrow.

To that end, who knows what tomorrow will bring? WWE is in the business of making stars and Jordan has potential to shine brighter than many of his peers right now. He has a golden opportunity to make an impact and to do big things on the worldwide stage. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s indeed not been pretty to this point but maybe that’s the point. Maybe WWE has this well in hand and JJ will emerge from this much better than when he went in.

Jason Jordan is going to be okay. Eventually.

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