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Japan Tour Boat with 26 Aboard ‘Sinks’ with No Evidence of Survivors

A massive accident happened in Japan on Saturday 23rd April. A tour boat went missing in Japan and probably sunk containing 26 people. The tour boat went missing because of the high tides and waves that were experienced in that area. Due to such extreme weather conditions, even the fisherman boats and ships returned to their port by noon. But little did we know that the weather conditions would affect a tourist boat having 26 people including two children.

The news broke in when the local guard reported that there was a distress call and the boat to be sinking was figured out. Unfortunately, even after seven hours, no signs of the boat or any of the survivors have been found. Further, the off northern coast of Japan is still facing the same extreme weather conditions that were hours before.

The search became so difficult that even four aircraft were patrolled to conduct the same. Apart from that six boats were also involved in the search but no such traces were found. The whole incident was reported by the coast guard who was one of the very first persons to know about the mishap.

The coast guard said the 19-ton Kazu 1 made an emergency contact in the early afternoon, stating the ship’s bow had flooded and was beginning to sink and tilt as it traveled off the western shore of Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula. Further, it was also reported that the 26 statistics also included two of the crew members that apparently took the tourists.

The local news outlet revealed how the prior warning was given regarding the extreme weather conditions that were going to occur. It was already reported that the water can go up to 3 meters or 9 feet high, which is a lot. The website that offered the tour has been under constant monitoring so that any foul play is not dodged.

According to the tour operator’s website, the journey lasts around three hours and includes a picturesque view of the peninsula’s western shore, as well as creatures like whales, dolphins, and brown bears. The passengers were sailing off the magnificent Kashuni Falls, which are located near the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula on Hokkaido’s northern island of Honshu.

High waves and strong winds were recorded in the area at about noon, according to a local fisheries cooperative, with fishing boats returning to a port before that time to avoid the harsh weather, the organization added. According to Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, huge waves up to nine feet in height have been issued.

The latest reports have already revealed how no traces were found, however, the search is still in progress with the positive hope of saving some lives. Lastly, it has been warned by the local authorities and news agencies to be extra precautious while taking up such adventure sports, especially when prior warnings have been issued.



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