James Toney Calls Randy Couture a Fraud


James ToneyJames Toney is not shy about calling Randy Couture out. Toney was asked about his match at UFC 118 and laid into Randy Couture personally and professionally. James Toney goes as far as to put a dress on a Randy Couture action-figure and calls Couture a fraud as a legend. Attention UFC fans, the circus is in town.

This is one of the most entertaining interviews you will ever see in the world of MMA. The great MMA reporter Ariel Helwani caught up with Toney at UFC 116. Helwani calls James Toney out on a variety of topics which only seems to infuriate Toney. Midway through the interview Toney gets so upset that he walks off of the interview. Toney tries to intimidate Helwani, but to Ariel’s credit he stood toe to toe with the former boxing champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Anyone who reads CamelClutchBlog.com regularly knows that there are two writers here, one being myself who have openly questioned Randy Couture’s status as a legend. Brett Clendaniel does a tremendous job of telling you why Randy Couture is not a legend here. Well apparently James Toney agrees with Brett and I. Toney calls out Randy Couture’s status as an MMA legend for the very same reasons that Brett and I have questioned the moniker. “He lost 12 fights and he’s a legend?” “How is he in the Hall of Fame if he’s still fighting?” These are quotes which are sure to infuriate most MMA fans.

I have to take Ariel Helwani slightly to task here. I love his interviews and I am a big fan of his work. But I do think he came off like a baby here in the interview. He came off as someone so blinded by love for MMA that instead of conducting an objective interview, he made it personal. I have no problem with him asking tough questions, but I have never seen him question anyone in MMA as harsh as he did with James Toney.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is really hard to tell whether Toney is just trying to hype the fight or if he really has that much disrespect for Randy Couture. I tend to think you have a mix of both here, with more emphasis on Toney just trying to hype the UFC 118 fight. Hey, he has to do something. Most MMA fans think that James Toney vs. Randy Couture is a flat out joke. Maybe with more promos like this, MMA fans won’t care and will pay top dollar to see Couture try and shut up the big mouthed boxer.

Not only do I think the fight is ridiculous, I think it is even more of a sham after watching this video. For one, James Toney doesn’t look like he is in shape at all to fight at UFC 118. Two, there is nothing to be gained by the fight. If Couture wins well so what, an MMA fighter should be able to fight a boxer. If Toney wins, Couture got caught. Boxing and MMA are two completely different sports and it is impossible to expect one fighter to cross over into another without a big learning curve. It’d be one thing if Toney was fighting Kimbo Slice, but a veteran like Randy Couture should be able to handle Toney just fine.

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  1. Right on brother. I'm probably one of the biggest fans of boxing you'll ever hear from. That's why I have to say, that as a boxing fan, Toney already has won. What mmartist would attempt something similar in the world of boxing with similar odds against them???? Toney is showing real balls. The odds are stacked so much in the favor of couture that, anyone with a brain in mma, will have to recognize that no one is that lucky and you must give credit where credit is due. Just like I would give all the credit in the world to couture if he made his boxing debut and knocked out or defeated…I don't know…say…David Tua.

    Wait…did I say anyone with a brain in mma???? Sorry about that. I guess Toney won't be given any credit by the fans of mma. Instead, Toney and fans like my self are going to have to continue to put up with their ridiculous manufactured excuses for couture.

  2. Are you half retarded???? I already said that the odds are totally against Toney and, with that being the case, couture should do anything but lose. But, if Toney does knock the shit out of couture, what are you lame ass mma cheer leaders going to say then????

    The odds against Toney are so great that Toney has to create his own luck in order to win and if he, indeed does win, then it's because Toney made it happen and he will have shown that mma fighters are just a bunch of pussy ass wrestlers who can't fight worth a shit.

  3. James Toney is a fly in Dana Whites web. He has been suckered into a match he isnt qualified to be in. Watch as Randy the Ram weathers JT's Apollo Creed routine before catching him with his patented dirty boxing, knocking him silly, then submitting him. All to prove boxing is dead and the New York must sanction MMA.

    JT doesnt come across as sane.

  4. I like that you point out how halwani was clearly being biased. It is indeed refreshing because most, if not all other mma sites, are just filled with hyperbole regarding mma fighters.

    However, I would like to point out that you mma fans can't have it both ways. On one hand you people want to call Toney and his attempt at mma a joke but in the same breath you want to claim that he has a chance. Stop trying to explain away Toney and his possible victory or defeat. If Toney wins then give him credit. If he loses, understand that everything was against him to begin with so couture should do anything but lose. Considering everything Toney is supposed to lose and if he doesn't lose then don't chalk it up to pure luck or a punchers chance, give credit where credit is due.

    Give this man credit because what top mmartist would attempt the equivalent but in the world of boxing? Toney is showing a true risk taking competitive spirit that not one top mmartist has yet to, or ever will show.


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