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Jamaal Charles will be the #1 player in Fantasy Football for 2011 – Inside The Wheelhouse

Jamaal CharlesIf you are looking to draft any player for your Fantasy Football team this season it needs to be Jamaal Charles. The era of Adrian Peterson being the top guy in Fantasy is coming to an end and the throne once reserved for Chris Johnson is being taken over by the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

When the season is all said and done & we look back at the #1 point earner for any format in Fantasy Football, it will be Jamaal Charles name that will be at the top. Jamaal Charles has been a starter in the NFL for now two seasons in NFL as a starting running back. In those two seasons he averaged the following statistics:

1293.5 rushing yards
6 touchdowns
6.2 yards per carry
382.5 receiving yards
2 receiving touchdowns

[adinserter block=”2″]Charles has proven that he is a consistent starting running back in the NFL and is on the brink of having a breakout season similar to Chris Johnson in 2009. Charles really became a top player in 2010 for Fantasy owners and is looking like he can be a solid franchise fantasy football player for years to come. But what makes him a better choice then Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson in 2011? The longevity of running backs in the NFL is not a great statistic as once you hit the ages of 28-30 you immediately become a 3rd down back for a younger runner in the NFL.

It’s the current landscape of Football, look at L.T. on the Jets, Ronnie Brown on the Eagles and possibly Reggie Bush in Miami. Once you reach your peak and show signs of slowing down, you begin to look more like this type of “3rd down running back.” I believe we are two years away now from seeing the same things happen to Adrian Peterson.

Now don’t get me wrong, Adrian Peterson is a beast. But last season you started to hear grumblings that Adrian Peterson may finally start coming down from the peaks he has reached as the elite running back in the NFL and in Fantasy Football. Some Fantasy experts believed that we would see the decline of Peterson take place last season; it did not as he had another great season in Minnesota.

But how much longer will we have to wait to see this take place? I believe Peterson won’t have as good of numbers as he had last season and I believe this is the last season of him being the #1 Fantasy Football player drafted in most drafts. It’s bound to happen with injuries and time not being on a running backs side. So look at this as the potential beginning of a “two year swan song” for A.P. in Fantasy Football.

Chris Johnson still has plenty of good years left in Football; this isn’t a case of a player starting to slow down due to mobility. This is a case of a player slowing down due to motivation. Here we are for the second straight year where Chris Johnson wants to get paid and rightfully so. What this does to Fantasy Owners is reluctantly take a player who is probably the best player in Fantasy Football because of outside contract negotiations. Johnson has slipped in some drafts but no where out of the first round for sure.

The ceiling on Chris Johnson’s potential is too the moon, there is no doubt about that. But he is a player that can be compared to Randy Moss when it comes to playing when they feel like it. Don’t think this contract struggles with Tennessee hasn’t effected his psychological frame of mind and his desire to play. We saw it a little bit last seasons with Johnson’s inconsistency when he would have a huge game and follow it up with under 75 yards; those numbers drove fantasy owner’s nuts.

Johnson could be the best Fantasy Football and NFL player in the league when he wants to be, but that’s the caveat right there, when he wants to be. If I have the Top 4 picks I don’t think I’m drafting Chris Johnson this Fantasy Football season. Pick 5 and beyond it would be a no brainer to get him due to his tremendous Fantasy value, but as of right now I don’t think he hold the same value as the Chiefs running back.

Jamaal Charles started to break through last season and made people look at him & believe he is an elite running back in the NFL. He’s a quiet player who gets yardage and that’s what it is all about it Fantasy Football. You want a consistent player that can continue to give you a ton of great years and Jamaal Charles is that player. If you are in a keeper league I’d pick Charles as my #1 pick hands down because I believe he has so much consistent fantasy value that it’s amazing.

I believe that Jamaal Charles will run for about 1500+ yards this season for the Kansas City Chiefs as they attempt to repeat in the AFC West this year. The Chiefs are coming off of a year where they were successful, something they haven’t had the fortune of seeing in quite sometime. Wanting another taste at the NFL Postseason will serve as plenty of motivation for Jamaal Charles, something Chris Johnson & Adrian Peterson probably won’t taste this year (postseason football).

[adinserter block=”1″]If you are in a keeper league make this guy your #1 pick, he is shades of what Adrian Peterson was years ago. If you are in a regular standard or PPR league, still make this guy your #1 pick in your draft. He isn’t the “flashy” or “notable” name like Peterson & Johnson are just yet, but he certainly will be come next season. Jamaal Charles will be the number one Fantasy Football player in the 2011 season.

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  1. I just don't see it. All of a sudden, KC has weapons all over the place, including Goal line destroyer, LeRon McClain, who stole a handful of touchdowns from McGahee and Rice two years ago in Baltimore.

    Todd Haley also says they will remain a run oriented team, but with drafting Jon Baldwin as a huge target in the red zone and getting an underrated Steve Breaston will open things up for Dwayne Bowe, Matt Cassel and the passing game in general. Oh yeah, and Tom Jones is still there with Dexter McCluster looking to get carries and schemes drawn up for him.

    I probably wouldn't take McFadden or McCoy over him, but I'd still target one of the big 3 (Peterson, Foster, Johnson) and MoJoD and Ray Rice before Charles. Still though, the Chiefs play in a sorry division and I foresee a lot of second half run plays in their future. Heck, these players can get injured on a dime or just get into a funk…FF is so unpredictable. Sure, he COULD be the number one RB in points when it's all said and done, but why take that risk with a guy like Foster or Peterson sitting there?


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