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UFC Making A Run At Jake Shields

Jake ShieldsStrikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields has gone from the most boring fighter in MMA to the hottest MMA free agent. Dana White has turned all of his attention to Jake Shields and claims that the UFC will sign Shields. Is Jake Shields a great UFC addition or fool’s gold?

I find myself shaking my head every time I hear Dana White talk about Jake Shields as if he is the next coming of Georges St. Pierre. Shields is a free agent and will be free to sign a contract with anyone in the next several weeks. Dana White was seen on camera at the Aldo vs. Faber show mouthing the words, “He’s mine.”

[adinserter block=”1″]In addition to bolstering a struggling UFC middleweight and welterweight divisions, signing Jake Shields brings a little something extra to Dana White. Shields the current Strikeforce middleweight champion and just fresh off of their main-event on CBS will now be in the UFC. The signing would a big screw you from the UFC to Strikeforce and CBS. The extra incentive will probably put a lot more dollars in Jake Shields’ pockets than he imagined when he planned to seek out other MMA opportunities.

The buzz is that Jake Shields vs. Georges St. Pierre would be Shields’ first UFC match. There was even talk of placing the two as opposing coaches on TUF, but White has nixed that idea due to time constraints. Shields would move down in weight, something he has done before as he was the last Elite XC welterweight champion. On paper the idea of a Strikeforce champion vs. UFC champion sounds fun. In the octagon, it is probably the last match that most MMA fans want to see.

Up until he beat Dan Henderson, Jake Shields was known as a boring fighter. Even in the pre-fight interview, Dan Henderson acknowledged this as well as the announcers. Shields is a great grappler, but his striking skills are suspect at best. The last thing that I want to see is Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields grapple for 25 minutes. Technically it could turn out to be a fun fight. On paper, it just seems like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Now a Jake Shields vs. Anderson Silva match would make much more sense. The battle of the middleweight champions seems a bit more obvious. Silva would likely want to make a statement due to Shields’ reputation and push the fight. Shields grounding Silva would provide some of the best UFC drama in years. I know Chael Sonnen is the true number one contender, but this is one of those matches where the style should dictate a great fight.

I just can’t understand the obsession that Dana White has in getting Jake Shields into the UFC. If there is anything that Dana White has grown to hate, it is a boring fighter. So why make a run at a guy who has a reputation as a boring fighter? If the idea is addition by subtraction in hurting Strikeforce, I don’t see it. The ratings for the last CBS show indicate that Jake Shields wasn’t a ratings draw for Strikeforce. So what exactly is Dana White taking away from Strikeforce? If the idea of snatching their champion is supposed to be such a big deal, this is a company whose heavyweight champion hasn’t fought in two years!

[adinserter block=”2″]I have watched Jake Shields quite a bit over the years and while he is good, he is nobody that will sell a ticket. The intrigue of seeing him vs. GSP could be a draw, but the disappointment after that fight ends will negate any positives coming out of the signing. Dana White knows a heck of a lot more about promoting MMA than I do but I just don’t see it with Jake Shields. I’d rather see the guy he knocked out back in the UFC than see Jake Shields step anywhere near a UFC ring.

Is the obsession with Strikeforce worth over paying a boring fighter and putting him into a main-event? The UFC will find out soon if all reports are true.

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  1. 10 Years No losses, Dana needs someone that can beat GSP and Silva, and right Now Jake Shields is the closest thing to that. He Flat out embarrassed Henderson who rocked Bisbing, whethere past his prime or not, beating Hendo is a huge defeat and that is enough to roll the red carpet out and carry Shields to the Octagon. Whethere boring or not Dana wants a guy that is humble in his wins and not a cocky individual, because it sells to bigger investers when the winners are humble and not GSP, Silva, or Lesnar. and given that GSP is pretty humble, he does tend to be a little cocky. . . and before anyone looks into the Gracie post fight scrap, Shields never started that or even jumped in as the other gracies did.

    • I can't argue with his talent and record. He reminds me a lot of Tom Erickson in his prime. Erickson was rolling over guys in Pride FC but he never had an opportunity in the UFC because he was considered boring. Now Jake Shields has a hell of a lot more charisma than Erickson, but again I think as talented as he is that Dana White will turn on him mid-contract. I think we agree a lot more than you think.

  2. I'm not getting personal, i'm just saying that Jake Shields is far from a boring fighter. That's why he is going to the UFC and jump right into a possible title shot with GSP, GSP stated himself that he believes Shields is the best. Jake Shields invitation into the UFC is far beyond overdue. Sure his boxing isen't great, but he adapts well to each and every fighter that he faces which makes him an interesting and exciting fighter.

    Keith Jardine is unfortunately a boring fighter, but I respect his leg kicks and his stand up game. He beat Liddell and even though it was very exciting, he still won. I wish it would have been more technical in the fact that fighting in MMA should not just be a standing war, it should be a mix of everything. If you take Jardine, Silvia, Cheick Congo, or to an untested Brock Lesner to the ground it would be a massacre. So how does Jake Shields not deserve a spot in the UFC, he is excellent on the ground and he can adapt to most stand up fighters and transition to what he does best.

    • I think you are misreading my post. I am not saying that he doesn't deserve a spot in the UFC. He definitely does. I just find Dana White's sudden obsession a bit curious. I just take issue with Dana rolling out the red carpet for a guy that I can almost guarantee you that he will trash after a few fights. Again, don't blame me for this blame Dana White. He has fired tons of guys for being boring fighters. My issue is with Dana trying to sell Shields as if he is the next coming of GSP that's all.

  3. So your telling me that Tim Silvia or Keith Jardine are more exciting fighters????? Eric your problem is that your a boxing fan and not an MMA fan. Jake Shields is a very technical and exciting fighter. Look at the fight between Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz, not a whole lot of punches thrown, but a lot transitions. It made for a very very good fight, but let me guess you were one of those fans who know nothing about that so you "BOOED" right? Dana likes the best fighters of all types. Exciting is a term thrown around by boxing fans who just want to see a knockout. If thats the case then lets eliminate takedowns all together.

    • Andrew, first of all I think it is hilarious that accuse me of being biased because I am a boxing fan? How many boxing blogs have I written on this site and how many MMA blogs have I written? I have been watching MMA for years pre-UFC so you're analysis is way off. I have no idea what your point is about Keith Jardine and Tim Sylvia. Sylvia doesnt work there anymore and hasn't in years and was fired because he was a boring fighter. Jardine is not a boring fighter, although his last fights have been disappointing.

      I love people like you who can't argue my points, so you retaliate to insults. I feel like I am back in high school, "You aren't a true heavy metal fan if you don't like Machine Head man!!!" Read my blogs and you will see that you are arguing with the wrong person. I love a great technical fight and can appreciate it just the same as anyone else. Hey if you find Jake Shields exciting that is fine. I don't think any different of you, we just have different tastes. But because someone doesn't agree with your likings or dislikes is no need to start getting personal bro.

  4. Shields last 10 fights have been televised and I have seen all of them.

    Shields fighting as a welterweight under the Unified Rules won 8 straight fights by TKO or Submission. Six in the first round and two in the second round.

    Strikeforce bought his contract, they have several Top 10 and 20 middleweights, the WW division does not. Shields went up 15lbs and beat 2 consensus Top 5 MW's and a Top 20 MW.

    SF does not use the Unified Rules, they don't allow ELBOWS, this is a big difference for a control fighter like Shields. Since going up 15lbs above his natural weight and not having the Unified Rules, Jake has one by first round sub and two go the distance. All against highly ranked MW's.

    Frank Shamrock has a personal dislike for Shields something CBS forced him to admit during this event. Shamrock has been saying Shields is a boring fighter in every fight since he started commentating (including two dominate submission wins over Lawler and Daley) Shamrock is wrong, the record speaks for itself.

    • I respect your point Mix and I too have watched his last 10 fights. I am just not a fan. I think he is more of an asset to SF than UFC. Dana White puts a lot (I think too much) emphasis on having an exciting fight. Why he would make such a big run at a guy who is talented, but not that exciting is beyond me.


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