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Jacqueline Finally Etches Her Place in the WWE Hall of Fame

One of the most familiar faces of the 1990’s and the Attitude Era will finally be getting her due when she is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in Dallas on April 2nd.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Jacqueline is one of the most toughest and talented female wrestlers to step foot into the squared circle.  She is beautiful, but make no mistake about it that she was dangerous.  Throughout her career, Jacqueline made that fact much known.  She also had no problems in presenting it to anyone who crossed her path whether it is a man or woman.  Yes, man or woman.  She wasn’t scared to go toe to toe with her male counterparts.

In her case, looks were very deceiving.  Her 5’3” frame wasn’t anything on her; Jacqueline may have been tiny, but she was never intimidated by her opponent and she demonstrated those attributes by wiping the floor clean with whoever was opposite of her.

Trained by Skandor Akbar, she had all the tools to make what was a successful career.  Jacqueline gained traction through such promotions as USWA and WCW through much of the 1990s.  She debuted in WWE in 1998, and got involved in a memorable feud with Sable that summer as the new girlfriend of Sable’s ex-husband Marc Mero.  This lead to a rather unforgettable bikini contest followed with the two being in a high-profile mixed tag team match at SummerSlam that year.  The ladies went on to face off in a one on one match at Survivor Series to crown a new women’s champion after the Women’s Championship was defunct for three years.

Jacqueline became the new Women’s Champion, and was the first African American to win it.  She would hold the Championship once more in addition to being the third woman to hold the Cruiserweight Championship, the first woman to hold it in WWE.  If that wasn’t enough for her, she tried her hand at being a WWE Referee.  She would also participate as a trainer in the first Tough Enough.  Oh, and she was the first woman to place in the PWI 500. Jacqueline excelled at anything she put her mind to, and it shows.

Jacqueline set the standard for all women that there were no limits in pro wrestling.  In a time where both barriers and rules were made to be broken, Jacqueline barreled through them all.  She both managed and wrestled, which was extremely common in the 1990’s.  Even then Jacqueline took things a step further.  If you talk about the revitalization for women’s wrestling in WWF, she is at the top of the list.  If Sable was your face of the Women’s Division in the Attitude Era, Jacqueline was your villain.

If anything, Jacqueline is the quintessential woman when it came to pro wrestling.  When it was all said and done, men and women alike respected her.  And so did the fans who had watched Jacqueline over the years.  Congratulations, Miss Texas.  It was about time.  She can now add Hall of Famer to her string of accomplishments.

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