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‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Found After Going Missing From Rehab

Bam was reported missing earlier.

Bam has been a part of the headlines for more than one reason over the years. He has caused controversies multiple times due to his drinking habits and has been sent to rehab every time. He appeared in the headlines most recently after he apparently fled a rehab facility that he was not allowed to leave.

Soon he was reported missing by the facility and authorities were looking for him however it seems that he has been found now. He was located by the cops and brought back to the facility. It was reported that he did not struggle and came back voluntarily.

So what exactly went down and why did he have to leave the facility? Here is everything we know about it so far:

Why Did Bam Leave the Facility?

Bam Margera fled from a rehab facility in Florida on Monday. He was placed there under a court order and was not given permission to leave. A report from the Delray Beach Police claims that the manager of the facility said that Bam told him that he was unhappy with their services and the place and wanted to leave.

He said that instead of staying in the facility, he would check in to a different rehab center and after that, he left the facility in a black sedan. The reason why he left the facility is being claimed that he was unhappy that he was not being treated like a celebrity in there.

The manager and the staff were concerned after he left as the court order put him there and he was leaving without authorization. Therefore, they called the authorities and reported him to be missing.

Where Was He Found?

Soon after he was reported missing, the authorities started a search for the skateboarder. Soon enough, Bam was found hanging out in a hotel near the rehab facility in the Delray Beach area. Soon the police and the crisis intervention team showed up at the location and found him there.

It is not confirmed if the stuntman was hiding out in the place however, it was reported that he did not resist or fight back while he was being escorted back into the facility. It was also reported that Bam had been off his medications ever since he left the rehab facility however, it is not known if he relapsed during that time.

Bam and Alcoholism

In May, Bam announced on his social media accounts that he had completed a full year of inpatient treatment for alcohol. He also claimed that he will continue taking rehab classes to enhance his sobriety.

Margera was removed from the Jackass franchise due to his alcoholic tendencies and thus he failed to meet the wellness agreement requirements after he tested positive for Adderall. It was reported that Bam did not hurt anyone or get into fights while he was missing.



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