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Ja Morant Creates a 50 Point Record for the Grizzlies

Ja Morant shows his ceiling in a mesmerizing 50 point game for the Memphis Grizzlies!

Ja Morant is on a roll in the NBA and it seems like he can do everything right now. The young superstar was considered as a generational talent from the very beginning but how he has bloomed in the NBA has been truly been shocking for each and every person watching.

This is Morant’s 3rd year in the league and he is already in contention for the MVP race. Morant has crazy hops and isn’t afraid of anyone once he takes flight.


If he keeps on continuing his spectacular performances and with the grizzlies record to go along with that, Ja will be a serious contender in the MVP race by the time the season ends.

Ja Morant becomes the first player to score 50 points in a game for the Grizzlies 

Memphis has found a generational talent in Ja and they are trying to build around him. He went on to score 52 points with 7 rebounds and 2 assists to his name. Morant landed 22 of 30 field goal attempts, setting another Grizzlies record, in the 118-105 win.

To keep things in perspective this was against a well-built defensive unit in form of the San Antonio Spurs. He’s a beautiful player,” Popovich said about 22-year-old Morant.

“What else can you say about him? It’s not just that he’s athletic. Everybody says, ‘He’s athletic.’ Somebody says, ‘He’s a freak of nature,’ because he’s so fast. “But he makes decisions. He knows what is going on on the court.


“So, you combine that cerebral part of his game with his athleticism and you’ve got a special kid.” Popovich would have tied Don Nelson’s NBA record for regular-season coaching victories (1,335) but for Morant.

When Pop says someone is special you better believe they are, because Greg Popovich is one of the greatest NBA coaches that have ever graced the game.

Morant had 2 very special moments in today’s game. One was the poster over Jacob Poetl but the second one was even more ridiculous. If you missed out on the festivities here is a recap for you to enjoy.

With Ja in the MVP contention, are the Grizzlies among the top contenders?

Memphis at 43-20 has the third-best record in the league. Since the All-Star break, Morant has been on fire. He dropped 48 points in one game and followed up with a 52 point game.

Morant was at the 7th position in the last MVP’s leaderboard but after his spectacular performances he will definitely move up a couple of spots. However the million-dollar question is, are the Grizzlies ready for a title challenge.

Given how the Grizzlies are playing they should be one of the top contenders. However, the playoffs are a different animal and this is a very young Grizzlies team.

Winning one game against teams and winning a 7 game series is a whole different scenario. Many players may not be able to perform as they do in the regular season and the postseason will be the true test for this Grizzlies squad.

Although the good thing is that they have enough cap space and can sign a third star in the next free agency should things go south this season.



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