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It’s Time To Get Sting in a WWE Ring

Recent buzz online is that if Sting is indeed going to perform at WrestleMania 31 next year, he would need to pass a WWE mandated physical. Apparently if a guy is over the age of 45, then its part of the process and it’s something that can’t be avoided.

And I for one say good. It’s about time, let’s do this. I know what you’re thinking. Impatient much, Tom? Well actually yes I am. But honestly this whole Sting thing has made me that way. Ordinarily, I’m very laidback and very easygoing pretty much all the time, especially when it comes to pro wrestling.

Okay none of that is true. The fact is that I’m one of those guys that want Sting back in a ring and he wants him there like yesterday. And that’s been the case since WWE first brought the guy in. Tell the truth, who doesn’t want to see Sting in a WWE ring? Who does not want to see one of the top five icons that modern professional wrestling has produced over the past 30 years finally perform in the biggest company on the planet?

Raise your hand and I’m putting you through a table. And not one of those WWE tables either; I’m talking about the kind that Terry Funk planted Ric Flair on with the piledriver back in 1989. Try walking that one off.

Sting needs to work in WWE. Fans need to see the former WCW icon come full circle in his career, they need to see him finally do the one thing that he never did and step through the ropes in Vince McMahon’s ring. We’re talking about the company that constantly delivers one big return, one huge debut after another, there is room for Sting and WWE can do justice to that moment.

Let’s be honest, WWE is the only company that can do justice to the moment. TNA made an effort, I can’t dispute that. They brought Sting in and basically gave him the keys to the kingdom. Well, I don’t know if we can refer to TNA as a kingdom but you get the idea.

He was given as much spotlight as he wanted, showcased in every main event way possible and I will be the first to admit that TNA did respect his legacy. Even when Sting decided that channeling Heath Ledger was a good idea, he was still given a lot on TV and TNA kept using him in a big way.

And by all accounts, he had fun while working there. He helped their talent and he undoubtedly became a locker room leader for that company. Sting was the legend that he was advertised to be and he came through for an organization that at times did not really deserve to have someone of his caliber anywhere near their ring.

That’s not an indictment of TNA’s talent of course. We all know the heights that company is capable of thanks to their workers. But we are also very aware of the depths they can sink thanks to the horrible misdirection their “creative” team can take them to.

And yes, the same can be said of WWE. Vince’s company is not perfect and is of course not without its bad points. They fail all the time, they miss the mark and they let fans down quite a bit. But Sting in a WWE ring? Is there any way they can screw that up?

Would they dare to screw that up? Say what you will about Triple H but the man understands what honoring a guy’s legacy is all about. Fans had a better chance of seeing Gillberg in the Hall of Fame before Bruno Sammartino but as soon as Hunter got involved?

Bruno is in. Vince surely had a part of that in some way and we can’t forget about the respect that The Ultimate Warrior was shown before and after his death. This is the company that represents the sport, the history of professional wrestling to the public at large and to fans all over the world.

This is the stage that Sting needs to perform on, the one that he deserves to go out on. When he takes his final bow, it will be in a WWE ring and that is epic, both for him and for the fans that have supported him from day one.

And yes, he will go out against The Undertaker. It’s the best way for him to end it and let’s be honest; it’s really the only way to end it. He may get involved before then and I for one hope he does; yes I’m impatient. After all, to imagine Sting versus Bray Wyatt or possibly even Triple H is more than anyone can ask for and again, if anyone can do that and make it look good, it’s WWE.

But at the end of the day, all roads lead to The Deadman. Sting versus The Undertaker will be the match that is talked about for years to come. And it will also be the one that will end Sting’s storied career. It’s the perfect combination, with the right back-story, told by the best company to do it. This is what pro wrestling is all about and I for one cannot wait to see it happen.

So let’s move this along, shall we? Isn’t 2014 over yet?

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