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It’s time to bring back Tag Team wrestling in the WWE! – Inside The Wheelhouse

WWE needs tag teams like the Road Warriors.One of my biggest gripes in professional wrestling today is that you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” to make wrestling fans happy. There is a basic formula to writing or booking professional wrestling that I believe gets lost in the shuffle of various other things like social media plugs and soap opera-like storylines. Wrestling fans don’t care for that stuff then, now and never will. Fans just want action in the ring, stories on the microphone and to be entertained.

The one basic formula of wrestling that has been forgotten about for way to long in the WWE has been tag team wrestling. For years tag team wrestling entertained fans on a nightly basis and offered a different perspective of ring psychology that you cannot garner from a regular one-on-one wrestling match.

Lost are the days when Tag Team wrestling even matter on WWE television and now the Tag Team Championships are just used as an extra display on a wrestler’s ring gear. There have been times throughout the last five years that it looked like the WWE was committing to building the Tag Team division once again but quickly turned away from it.

[adinserter block=”2″]Most wrestling fans that grew up in the 90s can tell you about some of their favorite WWE feuds and some where along the line a Tag Team feud will pop up on that list. You ask a fan to name there favorite feuds from the past decade of the 2000s and I’ll be surprised if a tag team feud makes that list. Amazing that one of the greatest decades in wrestling, the 1990s, offered tag team wrestling yet today’s standards doesn’t even acknowledge tag team wrestling exists.

Since the WWE doesn’t believe in the theory of tag team wrestling anymore it has opened the door for other wrestling companies such as TNA and ROH to offer wrestling fans that alternative of tag team wrestling. TNA fans still talk about today how entertaining a feud like “Beer Money” and “The Motor City Machineguns” were during the time they were feuding. If you are an ROH fan you have a lot more tag team feuds you can discuss like the Kings of Wrestling (both are in FCW as we speak) & Briscoe Brothers, Kings of Wrestling & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team or the Briscoe Brothers and the All-Night Express.

Fans that enjoy those promotions at that present time were discussing those particular feuds because of the entertainment they brought and how tag team wrestling had become an after thought in the WWE. There was clearly a necessity for tag team wrestling still as it became some of the most popular matches on the card. Why the WWE did not notice this or capture this popularity during this time is still beyond me.

The best thing about this tag team wrestling problem in the WWE is that it can be easily solved rather quickly! The WWE has a slew of lower mid-card, opening match and developmental talents that would benefit from a stronger WWE Tag Team Division. Better yet, there have been rumors of the WWE having some sort of “cruiserweight show” on the WWE network then why don’t they have a “tag team wrestling show” as well. If there is no time to focus on Tag Team wrestling during RAW or Smackdown then offer it up as a show on your upcoming network!

One of the best things about tag team wrestling was also how it helped make certain talents into eventual top level superstars or WWE Champions. Wrestlers like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Christian and Jeff Hardy all started out in tag team wrestling. It allowed them to “hone” in their promising skills, showcase it to a WWE audience and when the time was right for them to reach their peak they left the tag team & became bigger stars.

It was almost like a formula to develop new talent in professional wrestling that has been forgotten today. This is during an era where many people believe talent aren’t been built correctly or adapting with the audience well. The five wrestlers that I just named, all former World Champions in the WWE, three of which are WWE Hall of Famers, all started in tag team wrestling. They were shown to the audience as tag team wrestlers, as their skills improved they were connecting with the audience really well and when the time was right the WWE removed them from that team & built them up to be bigger stars then they already were.

Professional wrestling is still an art that shouldn’t forget about the “lost arts” that helped pave the way during it’s biggest of times in society. Tag Team wrestling is a formula to create stars and give fresh entertainment to a wrestling card. I hope the WWE really considers bringing Tag Team wrestling to forefront of their product soon because it will have a great effect not only on the present but on the future as well.

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