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It’s Time for TNA Wrestling to Lean on AJ Styles Again

The definition of irony happened Thursday night when AJ Style used his Twitter account to ask fans what should happen to his career once his contract with Impact Wrestling expired. That wasn’t the irony I was talking about, rather the fact Styles decided to get his head out of his ass and become a face again in the company’s battle against Aces and Eights.

[adinserter block=”1″]Welcome back to reality, Allen Jones.

Now would be a good idea for TNA to get behind its longest tenured wrestler (along with James Storm) and ask him to champion the cause of the sinking ship he works for.

In other words – save the company, AJ.

The one thing you can say about TNA is it is lively, the matches are better and the wrestling matters (to paraphrase an older promo for the company). Now more than ever, the company needs a heroic effort from their biggest star. Bigger than Hulk Hogan, Bigger than Kurt Angle. Styles is an original. Styles is TNA.

Over the course of the last two months, TNA has had to purge its roster of huge talent (Matt Morgan, Tara, Brooke Hogan). Letting Styles walk after his contract expires would free the company of spending money on an awesome talent. In this case, however, no matter how much the company might be bleeding cash (sound familiar, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan?), they need to keep Styles.

After his pin of Devon (ending his career in TNA, supposedly), there was nothing better than seeing Styles celebrate the only way he can.

And if this leads to a TNA title match with Bully Ray at Bound for Glory, then Impact Wrestling could not ask for more.

The fact is, Styles is this company’s Sting of WCW days. He is Magnum TA and Sting and Rick Steamboat.

And what he should be asked is, “Can he lead by getting others to follow?”

The Sting “Crow” angle in WCW is a prime example of how to properly use the Gainesville, GA native. Sting was asked to carry the load against the nWo, and in some kind of capacity, can the most decorated wrestler in the company’s history help the Main Event Mafia be the juggernaut it needs to be?

Since Kurt Angle is out of action for an extended period of time, and the fact the MMA angle is about as awful as it can be, this becomes another reason why his skills are needed. With Magnus, Samoa Joe and Sting still major parts of the company, Styles is just another piece to put into the puzzle.

The one thing TNA does better than WWE is the promotion of matches, the vignettes, the look at old school wrestling and the use of its Knockouts. It also, for what it is worth with both Hogan and Bischoff running the show, use older WWF and NWA angles that could still work 10 years from now.

And I am sure a lot of what Styles was introduced to in the beginning of his career could be used over and over again and matches he had with the likes of Bobby Roode, James Storm, Christopher Daniels and whoever else is on TNA’s roster, would still tear down the walls.

Austin Aries and Styles would be “phenomenal” in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]The next few weeks will be the telling factor. How does Styles and his new found character look like a new version of the old scene? And how does a superstar who has accomplished everything in this company, continue to strive and “save” his meal ticket?

I guess the best thing to do is tune in and find out.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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