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One, Two, Three, Four, it’s a Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton Twitter War

Kurt Angle and Randy Orton are having a Twitter warOnce relevant pro wrestler and former WWE superstar Kurt Angle is angry and vented his frustrations on Twitter. Relevant pro wrestler and current WWE superstar Randy Orton didn’t waste time pointing out the hypocrisy in Angle’s tweets.

Kurt Angle is upset and seems to feel disrespected that several different WWE superstars used “his moves” at WrestleMania 27. Angle sent out the following tweets during and after WrestleMania 27.

I Hope that W-mania was entertaining for all of You, especially ‘The Rock’. Oh, and Orton-relax, I won’t beat ur ass. You can use my move:) – @AngleFoods1

[adinserter block=”2″]To anyone I upset, I am sorry. I didn’t watch W-mania last night. I DID get a lot of tweets during Show. About Orton, Swagger,etc.Who cares? – @AngleFoods1

Editor’s Note: Apparently you do.

Jerry Lawlor did it too. But He is a Legend. WWE really stuck it to Me.No Love lost. I’m glad that I helped Your biggest Event of the Year:) – @AngleFoods1

Why would WWE use my finishes? Is it because I won’t go back? R Orton- Angle Slam. M Cole- Ankle Lock? They have some nerve. – @AngleFoods1

Kurt Angle will never die. TNA. WWE. I’m a leader. Not follower. 🙂 – @AngleFoods1

Editor’s Note: By getting arrested in North Dakota for being passed out behind a wheel allegedly drunk?

I guess Swagger will use my Ankle Lock as well.Very creative. I’m the Best in the World. You Guys will never be Kurt Angle.can I get an AMEN – @AngleFoods1

I heard Orton had an Awesome match though. Ur welcome. Lol. – @AngleFoods1

To WWE wrestlers, Don’t use my Finish. Get more Creative. Hmmmm- Orton. Did I say that? – @AngleFoods1

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Wow, seems like the guy has some serious issues. For a guy that didn’t waste any time using the same finishing move as Ken Shamrock when he was in the WWE he sure is sensitive. Quite frankly I think he is out of his mind. I have seen the Olympic Slam used in Japan many times before Kurt Angle used it in the WWE. I also tend to think that Taz used it as well in ECW although I am not 100% sure on that one. And oh yeah, by the way millions of WWE fans watched Ken Shamrock use the ankle lock weekly during the Attitude Era.

It didn’t take long for Orton’s former WrestleMania XXII foe to respond. Randy Orton apparently had the same thoughts most of us had reading Angle’s tweets. Orton tweeted the following in response to Kurt Angle.

Btw does anyone know what Ken Shamrocks finish was? I believe Jack Swagger used ankle lock outta respect for Ken? – @RandyOrton

Point being, instead of taking offense to someone using your move, consider it a sign of respect. – @RandyOrton

And I know for a fact that SCSA got the ‘Thesz Press’ from Dutch Mantel – @RandyOrton

Everythings been done before as far as ‘moves’ go in the sports entertainment. I want to thank SCSA for the ‘Thesz Press’. – @RandyOrton

Kurt Angle sent the following tweet in response.

2 Randy Orton’s credit, I Heard He had the best match of the night. Good for You! Btw,I Never used Shamrock’s finish while he still wrestled – @AngleFoods1

I will say this about Randy Orton. I have never met the man but anytime I have read interviews with him or comments he made he sounds extremely logical and intelligent. Orton had a much more intense war of words with Ken Anderson online after Anderson left the WWE a few years back. Some could argue both ways whether Orton should respond anytime he is called out by someone who isn’t on the WWE payroll but I kind of like it. Additionally he always appears to make sense.

[adinserter block=”1″]Whining and moaning about someone “stealing your moves” is one of the lamest complaints in pro wrestling. Unless Kurt Angle invented pro wrestling, he is stealing moves every time he steps into the ring. He should send Verne Gagne a “Thank You” note the next time he puts on a sleeper hold, etc.

It appears that Kurt Angle may be giving Matt Hardy a run for his money in the race to see who can make themselves look like the biggest idiots on Twitter. Getting upset over someone using a finishing move you used that you stole from someone is about as ridiculous as going on Twitter and telling your fans that your car hit an ice patch on a sunny day that resulted in your arrest.

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