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Is This The Best Impact Wrestling Gut Check Has To Offer?

TNA gut checkBased on the title alone, I already know what you’re thinking: “Great. Another article about how something TNA is doing is a bad idea.” Hardly. In all honesty, I think the Gut Check is a great idea, and one of the better ideas TNA has had in a long time.

When I heard that, once a month we’d get a look at a new talent from the independent scene, and a week later we’d find out if he or she was getting a job with the company I got excited. I know that there is a lot of great, deserving talent out on the independents, and would love nothing more than to see some of these very deserving people finally get a chance to showcase their talents on a national stage where a much, much larger audience can see them every week. It’s a great concept, and a great way to find new talents talent that might otherwise go undiscovered.

Unfortunately, what looks good on paper doesn’t always looks as good upon execution.

[adinserter block=”2″]As I said before, the Gut Check is a great idea. However, a great idea only works when it’s actually implemented correctly and successfully, and so far, TNA has been unable to do so, and I’m not really sure why. Lately, TNA has actually had some great ideas that have been well implemented, like Austin Aries beating Bobby Roode for the title, Aries sacrificing the X-Division title to go for the World title, the BFG series being much less convoluted this year, etc. However, the Gut Check has been nothing but a disappointment from day one.

Let’s look at its short history thus far. First, we get Alex Silva, a man that, outside of OVW faithful, no one had ever heard of. No problem, as that’s part of what Gut Check is all about. In the interview before the match, Al Snow put him over, and they showed footage of him having a couple matches in OVW, so he at least seemed experienced. So, he was put on the show in a tryout match with Robbie E (a clownshoe in his own right), and the two of them proceeded to have…well, one of the worst televised matches I’ve seen in years. Silva and Robbie completely stunk up the place, and for once, it wasn’t Robbie’s fault. Silva went out there, and appeared for all the world he had never wrestled a day in his life. Somehow, this was still good enough for TNA, and Silva was given his contract the next week.

The next month, TNA brings in someone much more well known, that being indy standout Joey Ryan. Ryan has a rather large fanbase for an indy wrestler, has been plying his trade across the world for 12 years, is unbelievably charismatic and a great in-ring performer to boot. For his match, Ryan showed the world his personality and why he’s a good fit for a major promotion, then proceeded to tear the house down with Austin Aries in a short but fun and competitive match. TNA asked fans to voice their opinion via Twitter after the match, and 87% responded favorably. The result? The Gut Check judges turned him down.

That’s right. The one guy so far that actually did a good job that fans really wanted to see didn’t get the job.

Fast forward to last month, and we get the third installment of the Gut Check, with the first female tryout in Taeler Hendrix, an average-at-best girl in the looks department, with average-at-best skills and personality in regards to wrestling. Much like Silva, most fans had never heard of Hendrix outside of OVW, and once again, we get a video of Al Snow praising her. If you haven’t been watching the show, I’m sure you can still guess where this is going. While I give Hendrix a lot of credit for surviving a cancer scare, that does not make you good enough to be wrestling on television. Apparently, TNA disagrees with me though, as she proceeded to stink up the joint with Tara (albeit not as badly as Silva) in her tryout match, then got offered a contract the next week.

As we get close to the fourth installment of this program, we’ve had two wrestlers accepted by TNA into the roster, and one rejected. The two accepted aren’t ready for the position and the one who was rejected was more than ready. Normally, I’d say “screw you, Dixie” or something similar but, oddly enough, Dixie Carter isn’t to blame here. I hate to say this, because I’ve always had respect for the guy, but the man to blame here is Al Snow. For those that don’t know, Snow is a producer for TNA and has a lot of involvement in talent relations. Because of this, he is basically in charge of finding new talents to compete on Gut Check, and has been the one to bring both Alex Silva and Taeler Hendrix on board, based on the rest of TNA officials going on his word that they were good talents who were ready for television.

Despite this, TNA doesn’t seem to agree. As soon as Silva was given his contract on Impact, reports began to surface that TNA officials were not happy about it at all, as none of them felt Silva was ready for his spot. Amazingly, they’ve backed up their claims, as Silva has not been seen on television since, and there are no plans to bring him back in the foreseeable future. When Hendrix was given her deal, guess what? Officials said the exact same thing, citing that not only was she not up to snuff in terms of skill, but also felt she didn’t have a marketable look. And, much like Silva, Hendrix hasn’t been brought back to television as of this week, and there are no immediate plans for that to happen.

I hate to pick on Snow, because like I said, I do have a lot of respect for the guy and have always been a fan of his work, but he is the main person responsible, and if you don’t believe me, ask the other TNA officials. Snow is taking the blame from them as well, since he spent so much time hyping both talents while the rest of the company watched them fail in front of a worldwide audience. It’s one thing to offer this chance to indy talents with a lot of experience who know what they’re doing in the ring; it’s another to offer them to people simply because they work for the company you have a developmental deal with.

And what about Joey Ryan, the one guy who actually got over with the crowd and put in a good performance? As I said, he was not offered a contract, and proceeded to have a war of words with both Taz and Al Snow, two of the three Gut Check judges, and he also interrupted Taeler Hendrix’s judging segment by showing up in the audience and screaming at Taz before being thrown out by security. A lot of people seem to think this is an angle that could lead to Ryan doing something with Taz that would eventually land him a deal and, for how it looks, it most certainly could be the case, and I’d be perfectly fine with it. However, I have yet to see any reports or news stories that would indicate this is true. In fact, outside of Joey Ryan’s personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, I haven’t seen anything regarding Ryan and TNA since his tryout. This would indicate that TNA has no plans to bring him into the company. However, I hope I am proven wrong.

[adinserter block=”1″]While I applaud TNA with coming up with an idea that we’ve never really seen before, at the rate they are going, the Gut Check is destined for nothing but massive failure, and that is something TNA can’t afford. They certainly need new talents and new faces to be elevated to the next level, but this can’t be the best they can find. If this is the case, TNA needs to take a cue from WWE and cut ties with OVW.

Or, at the very least, start listening to someone other than Al Snow.

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  1. The lol thing I guess I just a habit. But whether im joking or not, im sure some people think my statements are rediculas lol. But anyway, the "talent" I was talking about is garrett. Silva is better than that guy. Garrett got his arm tangled in the ropes when he tried to throw a punch in a battle royal tna had a while back. Better on the mic and in the ring than a guy that already works there is justifiable for give silva a job. And hendrex, the crowd loved. I guess I don't know what charisma is than. I thought it was relatability with audience. Even if im wrong there, she is relatable, or so that crowd thought. Joey ryan was the best so far no doubt, but that pump handle whatever it was looked terrible. It was just plain bad. Out of the 3, he is the closest to ready for tv. His gimmick needs a little tweak. I read on her a while back where someone wrote that his entrance music should be porno music….. that would be fantastic. But honestly, I think you are biased cuz you don't like impact wrestling. And that's okay cuz watching raw has become more of a chore or even bad habit for me these days. I think given time, this gut check thing will probably disappear. But its not horrible. Its not good because they haven't put anyone good in it…. but it isn't s bad as claimed. Better than some of the stuff they put out.

    Not many lols this time, sorry if it annoyed you. And also gonna apologize for my spelling. Doin this on a cell phone and my spelling sucks anyway

  2. Yeah, everyone voted yes on silva…. but there re a few thing that didn't get mentioned here. During tara and hendrix's "match" hendrix ws way over with the crowd. They started chanting her name. Even to the point where tara screamed "no" and put a quick end to it. That alone is enough for 2 yes votes. She absolutely sucks no doubt, but the crowd dug her personality and heart…. the rest can be taught in time. As for silva, I think that dude is better than bishoff lol. Even his little mic rant was better than anything garrett has ever done with a mic. Silva has a fat tongue or somethin and sucks somethin awful, but is better than talent tna already has. In time, lol a long time, hendrix and silva will be television ready, they are already better thn garret. As far as the joey guy, his preformance was far from great. He compleatly screwed up what I thought was maybe a pump handle suplex or something, lol idk what it was supposed to be, but he could seriously hurt guys with stuff like that. Lol I like him and hope they are doing n outsider thing with him, but he is. Nowhere near as awesome as claimed. And if he had a bad night that's fine, but you gotta cut silva and hendrix the same slack on that one…….

    • I'm not sure what you're talking about with his screw-up. He hit Aries with a pumphandle suplex, and did it exactly as it should have been done. And sorry, but the fans chanting for Taeler Hendrix isn't enough to get her a contract in my book. You say that the rest can be taught in time. While the skill can be taught in time (but only maybe, because some people never learn no matter how long they've been at it), you can't teach charisma. You either have it or you don't, and Taeler's smile isn't going to cut it in that department. While Silva's rant or whatever might have been better than anything that's come out of Garett Bischoff's mouth, as much as I hate to defend the guy, I've never seen him put in as bad of a performance as Silva did that night. And for you to say that Silva is better than the talent that TNA already has, it makes me wonder if you ever actually pay attention to the show. Silva is nowhere near the level of guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries or Bobby Roode.

      Also, why are you "LOLing" all of your own remarks, especially when they aren't even jokes?

  3. @Ryan. I made mention of that. Read the rest of the article.
    @Jay While it is true that Flair changed his vote, even if he had stuck with "no", Snow and Bruce Pritchard both still voted "yes", meaning he'd still have gotten the contract.

  4. It sure looks like the Ryan thing is a story, how else would he show up just when the judging for Hendrix was going on, and the camera went right to him. As for Hendrix, shes pretty cute and has a dope body, I can't hate on them for hiring her.
    Now Silva, it's been said Flair was supposed to vote no and screwed everything up by changing his vote, I don't know…

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