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Is There One More WWE Run Left In Bill Goldberg?

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It appears Goldberg may not be done in the ring after all. It was thought the former Universal Heavyweight Champion had put his boots on for the last time after a loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. Now, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Could there be another run for the 50-year old brawler?

More important than that, if he were to get back in the ring, who would be his opponent?

“Goldberg had been saying that the grind to come back was a rough one, and at times he was miserable due to the work. Getting back in shape to return to pro wrestling at 50, and to try and be the Goldberg from the past is certainly a tough thing to do,” wrote Joe Burgett of

“Goldberg worked his butt off, but many fans felt that he could have worked longer matches and made the matches better that he was in. The longest match was around five minutes long.”

Despite training for his three-match tussle with Lesnar which began last year. The first two confrontations with Lesnar were nothing more than squash matches, as was his match at Fastlane with Kevin Owens where he took the Universal Title. The third and final installment with Lesnar saw the Beast Incarnate walk out of Orlando with belt in hand.

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Should he get back in the ring, where does he fit in terms of booking? The Undertaker is retired. Sting has said his goodbyes as well. A match with Lesnar has no interest and I cannot see The Rock coming off a movie set to put his trunks back on. In the interest of “never say never” regarding a retirement from professional wrestling, here are a few options.

Triple H – Just for how, how good would this be? Triple H is still in phenomenal shape and has proven he can go the distance, as seen in the match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33.

The problem with this kind of match would be the COO of WWE has to carry Goldberg, which means it may not work well if it exceeds 10 minutes in the ring.

Kurt Angle – The new general manager of Raw is an intriguing choice. He has been inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t mean anything these days. If Angle can wrestle, this could be a match worth watching.

Angle would have to pass a physical and get medical clearance before he steps in a WWE ring.

Roman Reigns – There has been some talk about these two in tag team action this year, but it has yet to materialize. Fresh off a win over Undertaker, would another icon fall at the feet of the Roman Empire?

Maybe the company should promote Reigns as a legend killer, much like it did with Randy Orton to help him get over as a heel. It may be hard to get Goldberg to sell this kind of match.

Samoa Joe – Joe doesn’t have a true position in the company yet, aside from being an enforcer. Could the Samoan Submission Machine make the big guy submit in the ring?

Joe’s ability in the ring, which may be better than all three other wrestlers, could be a matchup problem for the stiff Goldberg in the ring. Also, what kind of storyline evolves from this for a match to even take place?

Braun Strowman – The monster heel needs a true feud. There have been teases about Strowman and Lesnar with the Universal Title on the line. There have been mentions of a continuing feud with Reigns. Heck, there could even be a program with Kevin Owens.

The fact is WWE may not know what to do with a guy this size.

Because of his size, he would work well with Goldberg. Because of his aggressive nature and rawness, does this kind of confrontation make sense?

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