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Is there Money in The Miz?

The Miz cashed in money in the bank and won the WWE titleOne thing that World Wrestling Entertainment does well is make new stars. On the Monday November 22, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw, live from Orlando, FL, WWE took a gamble with putting its main title (WWE Championship) on one of the company’s biggest heels, and some could arguably say, one of the most annoying heels in the business today, The Miz Mike Mizanin.

Mizanin began his career on MTV’s The Real World in 2001. Mizanin entered the fourth season Tough Enough, and then signed a developmental deal with Deep South Wrestling and was given a title run in that promotion. In 2006, Mizanin signed a WWE contract took part in the Diva Search then debuted on SmackDown in 2007 and was later “drafted” to ECW.

Each week, The Miz’s mic work gets better. He is one heel that I always look forward to on Raw because you never know what he going to say. With the departure of Chris Jericho, it would seem that the WWE is looking not only to pop ratings for its flagship show, but to elevate The Miz into the spot Chris Jericho has been in, which is that slimy sarcastic fan hating heel.

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[adinserter block=”1″]The Miz really doesn’t need a title belt to get over as one of the most hated heels in the business, but it sure has helped his advance his character. The WWE Championship could indeed take him to that next level of being that heel everyone wants to hate and with a huge target on his back. As a multiple WWE World Tag Team and United States Champion, the WWE has taken a gamble on putting the WWE Championship on The Miz.

WWE did a great job of capturing the faces of the fans that displayed those priceless faces of disgust when The Miz won the WWE title, which means both The Miz and WWE are doing its job to make the fans angry. So the question remains, is there money in The Miz?. The next few weeks of Raw will tell the story with how much the fans continue boo to him.

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