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Is the WWE Universe getting what we deserve?

My oldest son is a pretty smart kid. He is only in 1st grade be he is at the top of his class when it comes to reading and math, he doesn’t get it from me. He is old enough to start making some of his own decisions. The key word in that sentence is some. Sometimes the choices he wants to make are not what are best for him so I have to make them for him. If it were up to him he would eat candy for every meal, he would do no reading, and he would watch Ninja Turtles all day.

[adinserter block=”1″]To him it sounds like a good idea, but when he is working his way through college (fingers crossed) he will be happy that he knows how to read. However, occasionally there are those times where he pushes just right buttons, cries just loud enough and just long enough to break down my “good parenting” walls and he gets what he wants. I always think to myself, this time it will be different. I say to myself “maybe he can handle it,” and I am wrong every time. It always starts out ok but after a short while things begin to unravel at the seams and by the time it is over no one is happy and we both have lost. Right now I feel like I am watching the same scenario play out on WWE TV.

The WWE Universe was tired of Cena being at the top and wanted a change. Tired of feeling like Cena was being pushed down their throats the Universe began to push back. Not matter what John Cena said, no matter whom he wrestled, and no matter whose wish he granted the WWE Universe was done. “CENA SUCKS” was the only thing you could hear above the boo’s when Cena’s music played. It seemed like every heel that Cena went up against became a face to the crowd, or can I call them a mob? The WWE powers that be refused to pull Cena off TV and then he got hurt. Could it be that Cena was going away and there was nothing the WWE could do about it? Finally, candy for dinner!

John Cena leaves and hands the company over to Daniel Bryan and the Universe agreed, YES! YES! YES! You wanted Daniel Bryan and now you got him, despite the rumors that Mr. McMahon didn’t think Bryan could draw money each week. Candy is great at first, for weeks we indulged in refreshing storylines that saw Bryan as the ultimate underdog against the big bad corporation.

The candy still tasted good as Night of Champions approached; however you could start to feel a something down in your gut. Something didn’t feel right and by the end of the Monday night RAW following Night of Champions you knew something was wrong. Now we don’t want candy anymore but that’s all we have. I’m tired of crying Big Show, wrestler Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, and no sell HHH. By the time Battleground was over the WWE Universe was in diabetic shock and Mr. McMahon (I assume) decided to step in with some emergency insulin.

John Cena is coming back months before he was scheduled to return. Whether fans want to admit it or not, the WWE needs John Cena. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t going for the “real” title, just his present makes things better. HBK will finally become part of the storyline, which we all saw coming. The rumors of HHH vs. Big Show in a cage have started to balance the sugar in our system and things seem to be getting back to normal. We have not even accounted for the Rhodes Family, The Shield, CM Punk, the Heyman Guys, Money in the bank, or any of the tag teams in WWE. We could have a sure fire remedy or possibly a cure for our sugar induced trauma. It would be nice to feel healthy again.

[adinserter block=”2″]Let his be a lesson to the WWE Universe. Sometimes too much candy will make you sick; sometimes we need to eat things we don’t like in order to stay healthy. Welcome back Cena!

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  1. I will admit to watching about an hour of the Raw brodcast tonight, after hearing Big Show had knocked out Mr. Stephanie. I haven't watched in the past month due to the "best for business" changing the outcome of matches. Wrestling is supposed to make it seem like the matches are real, but if management is doing to strip titles and changes results, along with having a seven foot giant knock out a sixty plus year old hall of famer (even if only pretend) I will not have my children see this example of disrespect. They do thier public service spot to put down bullying, then promote the shield, the Wyatts, and management cheating to bully the working men.

  2. I actually don’t agree with you at all. The “creative” department made us believe that we miss Cena by basically killing Bryan. They didn’t believe for a moment that the fans where really behind him so they tried shoving Orton back down our throats. The fans still chanted and wanted Bryan, but they still didn’t believe it so they went with these screwy endings which has turned off the audience. I’m not saying that cena isn’t important and not wanted, but this is what WWE wanted..they wanted us to miss Cena and they sacrificed Bryan for it to happen.

    • You make a good point but we definatley do not agree. I think the Bryan is a heck of a talent, but he isn't "the guy" just yet. I don't think Cena is going to get a warm welcome and I hope that they turn him heel. I think a heal Cena vs Bryan is better than Orton vs Bryan. Even though the fans seems to hate him at times Cena does bring the viewers back. That is more of what I am getting at.

    • I agree with you Mike. Maybe Vince had rather screw us than admit he has bedn wrong all these years and a smaller frame Wrestler can carry the top of the company load!


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