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Is the WWE Network Worth Purchasing?

Don’t worry, I haven’t left the Camel Clutch Blog already. I have been just really busy. Between the holidays, school, work, and football, I have not been able to watch wrestling, much less write about it. Once football ends, I will start watching more wrestling.

I’ll be completely forthright: I’m not one to disburse money for anything involving the WWE. The times where I have invested money into their product left me in utter disappointment. I subsequently had no intentions of buying
the network. That was until it was rumored that they’d include their PPVs, too, including even Wrestlemania.

Howbeit, I was still skeptical because I thought it would be imprudently overpriced. After watching the press conference, I have officially made my decision, and I’m going to attempt to help you make up yours as well.

The WWE network is going to be a 24/7 streaming service. It is going to have both scheduled programming and on-demand library. It will also include supposed groundbreaking original series, reality shows, documentaries, and every WWE, WCW, and ECW past show. The subscription cost $9.99 per month, although it does have a 6 month commitment.

On February 24th at 9am est, fans can go to WWE’s website to purchase the network. You cannot order this through your cable networking, but you can watch it on your laptop, desktop, and through the WWE APP on devices such as the Kindle Fire, Andriod devices, IOS devices, Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, and – at some time – Xbox 1 and PS4, too.

The WWE needs about 800,000,000 subscribers to break even. Vince McMahon is a gambler, no doubt about it, but this may just be his biggest one yet. The WWE is in a position where they don’t have to take any potentially hazardous risks. Because of their unwillingness to take humongous risks over the past couple of years, the fans have suffered from their conservative strategies. Ironically, this is way more risky than courageous booking. In fact, this decision is one of the riskiest ones in WWE’s history. Even though WWE has screwed over their fans so many times, I hope this works. After all, they are finally doing something that is both innovative and gutsy. That’s what makes this project so appealing. It’s as if Vince McMahon is displaying that he still has those self-proclaimed immense grapefruits.

Due to a tremendous job of persuasion by the WWE, and after thinking it through, I am actually going to order it, and I think you should too. Think about it: If you ordered Wrestlemania last year by yourself, it was 70 dollars in HD. You will only spend 60 dollars for six months of PPVs, in addition to everything else they’re offering. The deal is too logical to pass up. It is worth at least trying it, even if the six-month commitment is bullshit.

I would still recommend you to look into it even more. There is a phone number that you can call ( 866-308-5684), and by all means, ask questions. I still have a few questions of myself. For example, I am wondering what exactly are they going to show in the archives. Personally, I would love to see HD quality matches from the 60s,70s and 80s that are very rare to find on the Internet. I also want to know about what they are doing to prevent buffering and what will happen if a show is unwatchable due to it, especially when there were major issues with WM 29’s online feed last year.

The uncertainty that you cannot ask about, however, is how much better (or worse) are the shows’ quality going to be. I would assume that they are going to put more effort into giving its subscribers the most compelling source of entertainment possible (similar to other premium networks such as HBO and Showtime). But that, of course, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, I believe everyone should at least try it out. The amount of content in addition to its cheap price is enough for a recommendation from me.

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