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Is The WWE Giving Away Too Much At WrestleMania 30

The Yes movement will be taking over or should I say occupying WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. The WWE have gone full steam ahead on their Daniel Bryan push and while the Internet is rejoicing I am starting to think that maybe they are going a bit overboard.

[adinserter block=”1″]I know that this flies in the faces of the thousands of wrestling fans that have screamed about the poor booking of Daniel Bryan on social media over the last several months. I am certainly one of them. It’s not the WWE championship match that has me scratching my head. It’s the Triple H match that has me wondering if they are giving away too much in NOLA.

The game has changed now that WWE PPVs have moved over to the WWE Network. It isn’t about selling one million shows as evident by the lack of special guests this year. Yet at the end of the day you are still selling something here whether it’s an additional network subscription or a buy on On Demand. Buys are still the incentive, it’s just where the buys are coming from that have changed.

After RAW went off of the air I couldn’t help but think that the WWE are giving away too much. Putting Daniel Bryan in the title match would have been more than enough. That is really what the fans wanted to see, although from a storytelling perspective the Hunter match made most sense. Once the WWE decided they were going to put Bryan in the title match that should have been the end of it.

Instead the WWE are giving two big money matches away on the same show with the same guy. Think about this for a second. Daniel Bryan wins the title and then what? Who is the big challenger, compelling enough to keep this Yes momentum going? Randy Orton? Batista? Ryback? Cesaro? Do you have any interest whatsoever in seeing Bryan in a program with any of those guys? That’s what I thought.

The key to making this thing work would have been Triple H. Hold the Triple H match off. Have Hunter send in all of these guys to beat Bryan who keep coming up short. Bray Wyatt could have held that spot for a few months until the big SummerSlam match. At that point Hunter is so frustrated that he will go and do the job that nobody else could do. The big SummerSlam main-event could have been Triple H vs. Bryan for the WWE title.

[adinserter block=”2″]They can still go with a Triple H rematch on an upcoming event but the mystique of the first match is off. This is an angle that could have had some real miles. Now we are left with Bryan as champion and very few possibilities outside of Bray Wyatt to keep him hot. A heel CM Punk coming back could do business with Bryan but that ship has sailed. Brock Lesnar would be intriguing but I don’t know if anyone would buy into that one.

Sure I know that some of you probably telling me to just shut up, sit back, and enjoy the show. I get it. At the same time I am looking at the numbers and I think they are leaving some big money on the table here and I am not sure why.

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