Is The WWE Getting Better?


Alberto Del RioIt’s now been the better part of half a month since the going ons at WWE’s summer extravaganza SummerSlam 2011 and more questions than ever remain, good and ill. Of course, there’s no surprise that the CM Punk and Kevin Nash storyline is the focus of every WWE related piece of business there is to see. I will admit, I do like this a whole lot.

As most of the internet wrestling monkeys howled and pucker faced the idea of Kevin Nash being anything relevant in WWE in 2011, I myself realize business. Professional wrestling is very simple: to make a superstar you have to use a superstar. As much as people want to downplay Nash’s status in wrestling today, he’s a huge name. Arguably one of the biggest that this era has seen, therefore he’s a prime candidate to give Punk “the rub” if you will.

[adinserter block=”2″]You can argue that Punk beating Cena twice in a row is rub enough and perhaps that’s so however this is a sport of melodrama. To just allow Punk to run rampant in the WWE would be too easy, too obvious. In an age where the going ons of wrestling, WWE in particular are as predictable as clockwork I find Nash and Punk’s saga gold. No one saw it coming and therefore it is interesting.

I however do not say that it’s flawless. Personally I find the story to be going a bit slow, of course with last Friday night’s situation between Nash and Triple H things thicken. Punk’s sympathy in my mind is the one perfect piece to the puzzle. For Nash to be beaten up every other week would defeat the purpose here. Punk MUST be the weakened hero so he can rise up stronger in the end. However, I do find the dichotomy of Nash and Triple H to be a bit stale. The banter, as good as it is, tends to flatten as it goes on. It seems that the story isn’t heading into that relationship so I suppose I can live with that. All in all, it’s one of the few things that I like about WWE right now.

Alberto Del Rio as WWE champion is an utter disaster. His first night as champion saw him have a stellar match that unfortunately spelled the end of Rey Mysterio for what may be the rest of this year. Added onto the next week him being all but shit on by everyone in a high position on the RAW roster in the opening segment. THEN, add on a horrifyingly terrible match with John Morrison and you can see my point. Last week he wasn’t even on the “Super Show” at all. It makes me wonder what the plans are and more so if the plans have suddenly changed. It’s just more of a concrete example of why Del Rio is failing: he’s been over pushed from the get go.

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No one has ever won the Royal Rumble AND Money In The Bank in the same year, Alberto did in his FIRST year. To me your wasting an accolade that could be reserved for someone that’s your future, something to hang your hat on. In my mind this has just been a means to an end for WWE’s booking. In other words, they’re booking sloppily. I understand they need new stars to replace the recent and assumed departures to come but I say invest in your go to young guys. When I see a guy like Wade Barrett, I wonder why HE isn’t given this push. He’s better on the mic and he has a swagger to him that’s undeniable where as to me, Rio is stale. What is his character aside from a spoiled rich Mexican aristocrat? Nothing and that’s the issue. To me a WWE Champion should be your flagship for your programming, not a footnote.

SmackDown isn’t fairing much better with Cena wiping the mat with Barrett and some puzzling Sin Cara turn on Daniel Bryan. Oh god how I could rant over and over about the usage of Bryan in WWE but I’ll try and contain myself to just this instance for your betterment. I’m not saying Cara and Bryan didn’t have a fantastic match, they very much did however you have to think about direction. To me Bryan is the best in ring worker WWE has and they should give him a push accordingly, instead of throwing him the Money In the Bank bone and job him out anyways. I admit this Cara turn is interesting, we’ll see how it goes.

[adinserter block=”1″]I hate that suddenly this Punk match is changed to be with Hunter because it shits on what’s been built. It could be a build up for a Nash turn on Hunter and the emergence of a great tandem with Nash and Punk, this is my saving hope. If it’s not so, this whole Punk fiasco this summer is a failure. We shall see, and a better match for Night of Champions that’s for sure. I personally would have liked to see a longer build for this match that is a big money match. Again, as WWE tends to prove we have to wait and see how successful this all will be.

Which leads us to Orton against Christian for the umpteenth time imaginable. Seriously I hate that they’ve wrestled so much so soon. This is again an example of WWE failing to build anything. Of course Orton wins and yes the match was good but as much as everyone is praising all of this WWE business, this match is a great example of how it’s a fascade.

Imagine if this was a built up match months down the road, people would be going insane for it to such a level we can’t even understand. Two great workers with a strong story but again, it’s thrown into the grinder in favor of instant gratification. Good luck to Christian in getting his career back together after all of this. As for Orton, say hello to Mark Henry, he’s kinda a bada#$ these days.

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  1. WWE panicked over bad ratings, so they relied on their terrible writing team and old tactics that don't work to try to boost them. Punk shouldn't have been back until after Summerslam. Think about it, the first ever major PPV without a WWE champion/championship match. Wrestlemania 1 had Hogan wrestling, if not for the title. We've had major PPVs where people fought over a vacant title before. Then again, the way I booked it in my head might have been a little out there (have KOW get hired by Johnny Ace to take out Punk and steal the title back, leading Punk to come back with Colt Cabana and feud with them in order to get the 3 new guys over. If the KOW won the titles, the former champ could have been used to make the tag team championship better.)


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