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Is the WWE Divas WrestleMania 32 Championship Match a Sign of Things to Come?

WWE WrestleMania 32 is shaping up in its final stages, and in no time we will come to April 3rd. One of those matches on the card is the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship. Reigning champion Charlotte will defend the Championship against rivals Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

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These three women have come a long way since this time a year ago. A year ago, the Four Horsewomen Era was in its strongest phase, with Bayley in tow as they all were making serious waves, tidal waves even, in NXT. Lately it seems that history has followed these ladies as they transitioned from rookies to NXT Women to the main roster.

The same three women in this WrestleMania match debuted the same night onto the main roster in what was the start of making a statement with the Divas Revolution. Charlotte came out on top since then, dethroning Nikki Bella as the dominant Diva with her Divas Championship win. Meanwhile, Lynch and Banks were in the shadows with their respective Divas Revolution teammates. Only at the turn of the year saw both ladies chasing Charlotte for the Championship.

Notice that? At the turn of the year, Charlotte has found herself feuding with Lynch and Banks, her adversaries and fellow Horsewomen from NXT. History will continue to be written as WrestleMania is upon us. For all three ladies, this is their debut WrestleMania. Again, they are sharing a big moment together. This is a testament considering their place in NXT one year ago. No one is even thinking about the other Divas match that is bound to be atrocious and a train wreck all in one. That’s for another blog if my head stops hurting from thinking about it. What I’m saying is, there might be two Divas matches, but this Triple Threat Match is what the WWE Universe is paying attention to.

The hype is already started. Charlotte and Natalya tore the house down at WWE Roadblock over two weeks ago. Charlotte praised Natalya after the match via Twitter and noted that if not for Nattie, she wouldn’t be near the performer she is today, noting the classic match the two had at NXT Takeover that put her on notice with fans. Banks recently conducted an interview and stated that she was excited about what was to come at what is supposed to be their biggest WrestleMania yet. Banks is also teasing a special entrance, which is rarely done, if ever done for a WWE Diva. Lynch stated in one interview she was in for the “night of her life”. The ladies know and understand how serious, momentous and how important this match is to them.

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The new kids on the block are taking the stage at WrestleMania and if the Divas Championship changes hands, it definitely will tell the WWE Universe that the new generation of the Divas Division is taking over and steering the course into a new direction. Rumors of Bayley making a main roster debut soon and Brie Bella retiring only add to the speculation. It fuels the fire to the scenario that is being crafted before us.

After Mania will come the summer, which with these three ladies and their history thus far, will tide over the fans for the seasonal ride to SummerSlam should the Championship change hands. That is, depending on what plans WWE has for the Divas. Either way, WWE has showed the effort and commitment to make room for the three women who are changing the game in women’s wrestling. They’re already put on the pedestal, and chances are high that someone’s life and career will change course come the three count in Dallas. Charlotte, Banks, and Lynch will all be vying for a WrestleMania moment. This Sunday, the world is all of theirs for the taking.

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