Is Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 happening?


The famous Japanese novel-based series Skeleton Knight in another world is one of the most famous novel series. The show was aired on 17th April 2022 with its very first season. When the show was released, it did not gain the desired amount of popularity. However, after some episodes, the series became everyone’s favorite. The Enki Hakari-written series’ first did a bang with its 11 episodes in total. Dark fantasy is based on a light novel having the same name and same writer.

The series is based on a plot of an unnamed gamer who discovers himself in an avatar body on a random day. This changes his whole life and the plot takes us to the activities he does with his avatar body. The plot at first seems cliche but as the story proceeds, it fetches one’s interests.

To everyone’s surprise, the serialization of Skeleton Knight in another world began in the year 2014. However, the release happened a year after its official announcement. With its finale episode leaving certain open-ended questions, fans are waiting for a second season now. So let us know what we have to offer regarding season 2 of Skeleton Knight in another world!

What is Skeleton Knight In Another World About?

As mentioned above the story focuses on a character or an unnamed gamer. He’s become his online game’s skeleton avatar. Arc’s new look comes with mystical powers. Arc travels on a fantastic adventure to meet new people and help the poor.

Ariane is happy to discover in the season 1 finale that Roden will find the missing elves. Sir Carcy’s forecast that humans and elves shall coexist eventually seems to be coming true. Arc is thrilled that he may now freely pursue his exploits in the game world.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release Date

The finale episode of season 1 concluded on 23rd June 2022 only. In such a short duration it is certainly difficult to say anything about the release of season 2. Further, no official information is available as of now. Skeleton Knight in Another World has plenty of light novel source material for a second season.

According to Animation Geek, the anime will end around Ennki Hakari’s volume 3. On June 23, Japan issued 10 light novel volumes. There’s enough content for three 12-episode TV seasons.

The bad news is that the anime hasn’t helped sales of the light book which can be a sticking point for anime renewals. When the anime premiered in April 2022, neither the light novel nor the manga series appeared in Oricon’s Top 20 sales rankings. With their next three titles releasing later this year, the company may resume Skeleton Knight season 2 development around 2022.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Arc and Ariane will travel to Lord Crown in season 2 to use the mysterious Spring there. He’ll annoy Dragon Lord Wiliahsfim and fight him. Arc will find the folks friendlier than imagined.

After trying to heal himself with the miraculous Spring, the protagonist falls asleep for weeks. His spirit is unprepared for such a swift shift, so regaining his body won’t be easy. The new season will follow Arc as he journeys across the fantasy realm, battling surprising opponents and inner anguish.


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