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Is Servant Season 4 on Apple TV+ Renewed or Cancelled?

Apple TV’s thriller series Servant was one of the most anticipated series of all. The TV series already have its three seasons released on Apple TV+ and now a 4th season has been anticipated. The series has already gained massive popularity through its prior three seasons and has a 7.5 imbd rating.

Additionally, it has an 87% rating on rotten tomatoes, which is quite good for a TV Series. Servant’s season 3 was concluded recently only leaving the audience in awe. Let’s see if the American psychological horror and thriller can do the same in its upcoming season.

Is season 4 happening?

The M. Night Shyamalan thriller will be renewed for a fourth season on the streaming service. On the other hand, this will be the series’ final season. This was something Shyamalan stated from the beginning: he wanted to be able to tell a single tale across the course of 40 episodes, and he’ll be able to do so. Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, said in a statement late last year when the season 4 renewal was announced:

“Since the first episode of Servant, fans all over the world have adored strapping themselves in for this thrilling ride, drawn into M. Night Shyamalan’s dramatic, frightening, twist-filled universe… Viewers have been able to experience the living nightmares of these captivating people on a deeper level with each suspense-filled season, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store when this gripping mystery takes another unforeseen turn in Season 4.”

Lastly, talking about the premiere of the new season will be a far cry. It is expected to be released somewhere around 2023. The main motive behind the same is to provide a sense of continuity and to give an end to the story and to the audience. Such an ending is possible when Shyamalan is your director. He also announced season 4 on his official Twitter handle stating how happy he is to announce the fourth and final season of the show. Hence, yes season 4 of a servant is finally coming!

Servant Storyline

Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, Rupert Grint, and Sunita Mani appear in the Servant TV show, which is available to watch on Apple TV+. Sean and Dorothy Turner (Kebbell and Ambrose) are a Philadelphia couple who hire Leanne (Free), a young live-in nanny. A horrific tragedy has caused a gap in the couple’s marriage, and a mysterious presence has entered their home. Three months after Aunt Josephine’s visit, the third season begins.

An interesting fact about the series Servant is that initially it was envisioned to have six seasons of the show. He already indicated why he planned to perform less of the series: “I didn’t anticipate to be as involved as I have been. I started it thinking I was launching it and supervising it. But I was having so much fun I thought, ‘Um… let me edit that. Let me speak to the composer. Let me. Let the results come first. I’ll be there.’”



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