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Is Neville’s WWE Walk Out the Real Deal or Not?

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Last week, fans were shocked to learn that Neville could have possibly walked out of WWE. Considering that Austin Aries had left the company some months earlier, fans immediately wondered if the King of the Cruiserweights has had enough of his booking direction. With Enzo Amore in the mix with rumors of questionable backstage behavior, the plot thickens so to speak.

There hasn’t been any kind of confirmation from Neville or WWE, which makes things even more interesting. Over the weekend, Amore did make a reference to Neville at a house show in Canada, citing he was the reason Neville walked out. Aside from that it was business as usual for Raw and its Cruiserweight Division. The silence continues to grow louder as fans wonder just exactly what triggered Neville to walk away.

The sad thing about all of this is that Neville’s heel turn was one of the moves WWE got right in 2017. Neville had undergone a complete transformation upon his entry into the Cruiserweight Division. His character was reborn and with that he enjoyed great success terrorizing the cruiserweights. He captured the Cruiserweight Championship twice, holding it for over 200 days combined. Fans were reminded of how great he was as he carried the division this year, holding his own being front and center every week on Raw.

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Going back to Aries, he has made it point to make it known that he was unhappy with his position in the company. For someone of Aries’ stature he was tasked to build onto the Cruiserweight Division to draw in more interest. Neville’s placement served the same purpose in addition to having a spot on the Raw card for him. While Aries and Neville had a great feud, his sudden departure certainly left a void. With a huge piece of the puzzle missing, the original cruiserweights have struggled to keep the division afloat. Aries and Neville were on the top of the division, and now that Neville has disappeared too, it begs the question of if they were fighting a losing battle with the company.

Rumors of Amore’s backstage behavior plus his Cruiserweight Championship win over Neville add even more speculation and pondering. Kalisto’s win over Amore last week seemed like the perfect setting with Eddie Guerrero’s birthday and a push for the former Lucha Dragon. However with all the rumors and speculation it seems more of a convenient win than anything, which kills Kalisto’s momentum.

With very little details, it is hard to pinpoint who, what, where and when. To which there are some who are already wondering if this is a storyline for Neville. But is it a work, though? Considering the facts, it would be a great swerve to psych people out. The fact that both parties are quiet is almost a dead giveaway. It’s strange, but yet intriguing to those who really want to know what is going on.

The answers to all of our burning questions will either come or never will. Until someone breaks their silence, fans will be on pins and needles in anticipation of one of fall’s hot rumors.

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