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Is it too late for Sting vs. The Undertaker in WWE?

Sting versus The Undertaker. You want to see it, don’t even lie. So their combined age right now is 106, so what? The fact is they would outsell every other match on the card by a mile and everyone knows it. Fans wouldn’t be tuning in to see what two old men looked like in the ring; they would tune in to see what two legends look like in the ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]But it looks like it may not happen. Once again WWE has missed the boat and I for one am not happy about it. Don’t worry, this is not yet another complain piece. I’ve read a lot those lately. Truth be told, I’ve written some of those lately. I’ve even done a podcast or two in the same vein.

Perhaps this one should be labeled as more of a frustration piece. The frustration is born out of a missed opportunity that was in the hands of WWE creative, it was right there for them to take and they just didn’t. You might say they blew it and yes, that is very frustrating.

How do you have Sting and The Undertaker in the same locker room and not book them against each other? How does that happen exactly? Some will tell you that WWE had other plans in mind, namely Sting’s involvement in The Authority’s exit from power after Survivor Series in 2014. Right. How did that one turn out, again?

Others might say that maybe the company wanted to ease Sting into the fray, to get him booked against other guys before giving it all away with his first match. Triple H seemed like a good candidate and even though the whole Monday Night War hook was a bit weak, it was a way to get things rolling. How did that one turn out, exactly?

Pitting him against Seth Rollins seemed like a no-brainer. After all Sting got the rub from a veteran when he worked Ric Flair, why not let history repeat itself for the next generation? The match was good, Sting looked better than ever and everything was fine before the second turnbuckle powerbomb took him out. Seth can’t really be blamed for this but once again, I’m left asking how did this one turn out?

WWE has had one chance after another to make it happen and chose not to. Undertaker didn’t have to work Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31 and Sting had no business doing the job to Triple H on the same night. Neither match made any sense to anyone and the fact is neither match should’ve happened.

The whole situation is reminiscent of Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair. It was the dream match to end all dream matches, the one that fans all over the world had been begging to see for years. When both men finally ended up in the same locker room, the feeling among everyone was that WrestleMania would see the epic showdown take place.

But that one didn’t happen in WWE at the time either. The company had a major opportunity to make some major money with a massive match and they went in another direction. It’s a mystery that has never quite been solved to my satisfaction and now we have another one just as puzzling.

Sting expressed interest in working several guys when he was signed to WWE and that’s a good thing. It shows he still has heart for the business and a desire to mix it up with some of the company’s top talents that he never would have worked otherwise. There’s nothing worse than a veteran with a poor attitude who’s in it just to get paid. This was definitely not Sting.

But he must have known what a tremendous draw facing Undertaker would be for him and for WWE. Undertaker surely knew the same thing. Was the match ever mentioned out loud by either man and if so, why did it not happen?

The sad part here is that now Sting is out. When he came out of the corner following the turnbuckle powerbomb versus Rollins, it was scary to see him stumble. His legs were gone and he was barely moving. But Sting is a pro and pros know the match must go on.

[adinserter block=”2″]But when he got hurt, any hope fans had that WWE would come to its senses and finally book him versus Taker were suddenly shot to pieces. Sting was hurt and he was on the shelf. Taker was still busy with Brock Lesnar and now neither man’s immediate future is certain.

WWE just didn’t move fast enough on this one. With any luck, Sting will heal up and be ready for WrestleMania 32 next year in Texas but if he’s not then there’s a very good possibility we will not see the match ever happen.

Fans really wanted this one. Sting and Undertaker surely wanted it as well. They’ve earned the right work together and WWE has missed many chances to make that happen. The more time goes on, the less likely the match will take place and that is a real shame.

Frustration doesn’t being to describe it.
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  1. I had the same thoughts about this match. Why Seth Rollins and not the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell? I personally feel that Vince McMahon hated Sting due to his popularity and rivalry against the WWF when he was at WCW. As i wrote in my blog, both would have potentially drew millions of fans. It doesn’t matter how old they are. People especially T.V fans would have loved to see two legends go at it in the ring. Age is no excuse for why you can’t put up a great wrestling match. The Undertaker and Sting gave over 100% in their matches despite being older. I say on this so feel free to check out my blog:

  2. Sting is injured and MAY never perform again, Taker was beaten by the lump Lesner so he is already being phased out!! This is probably a pipe dream!!

  3. Taker vs Sting doesn’t make any sense to me, except to maybe fulfill an internet rumor. Both guys can still wrestle but I don’t know what the story is. It isn’t a match of a lifetime, neither can carry the match. I just don’t see the angle. The ICON died with WCW, the match would have been awesome a few years ago. I watched the Monday night Wars and I cheered the Crow, but that isn’t him anymore. Just saying….


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