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Is it time for wrestling fans to forgive Jeff Hardy? – Inside The Wheelhouse

Jeff HardyNow I have not been the biggest supporter of Jeff Hardy and even his brother Matt Hardy in the two & a half years I have written for the Camel Clutch Blog. And quite frankly how could I be? They haven’t given writers/wrestling fans like me, anything to either write positively about or cheer about. It has not been the best of times personally for Jeff Hardy since he left World Wrestling Entertainment in the late summer of 2009.

Weeks after he left the company he was arrested on drug charges that were only resolved most recently. He followed that up by a return to TNA Wrestling where backstage reports circulated that he was allegedly too “under the influence” to perform on one of their pay-per-views, something he would follow up on by actually performing in a pay-per-view match allegedly under the influence of some sort of substance in his infamous match with Sting. The match was his last in TNA Wrestling until most recently after he had cleaned himself up after a reported stint in a rehabilitation facility.

After two months on TNA television and after reports of the attitude change for Jeff Hardy I asked myself the following question:

[adinserter block=”2″]”Is it time for wrestling fans to forgive Jeff Hardy?”

Wrestling fans are the most opinionated fans for any type of sports or entertainment in the world. The internet, where you are reading this very blog, is a haven for opinions to be spoken and for wrestlers to be criticized. It’s the mysterious world of wrestling that some like to tap into and some like to bash. No matter what you say or how you feel about the internet wrestling community you cannot take away the passion they have for this business.

This community, whether it be in a blog, on a forum or spoken on a podcast, has been very critical of Jeff Hardy for quite sometime now and within a justifying reason. You cannot defend the actions someone who was so popular with the internet at one time has done in recent years. The actions this wrestler star has taken is something that fans cannot look up to and should’ve turned their heads too when he consistently took aim at their wrestling fans heart.

Hardy was one of the most popular mainstream wrestlers on the internet for the last decade. The internet community supported his climb to the top and cheered for his success. It wasn’t until his constant mistakes were made where the ship that many fans stood tall on, would lead to an abandoning that could only mirror a famous vessel like the titanic.

But in time so too can people change and that’s what I think many fans need to begin doing when it comes to Jeff Hardy. While he is on our television screens and we are in awe of the moves he makes in the ring today or has done in the past, he is a human being with some real-life mistakes that he has made. These mistakes, it appears, he has finally addressed and met with head on, lacking the excuses he once had & holding himself responsible for the things he has done.

Jeff Hardy is someone I believe who truly does care about his fans and those who have watched him develop into the top level wrestling star he has become today. Sometimes it takes rock bottom for someone to realize what they have done before they can build everything back up and turn it all around. An approach I believe Jeff Hardy has truly done in recent months inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s time to forgive Jeff Hardy for all of his mistakes and grant him another chance into the wrestling world. But this chance is the last chance for this wrestling great, for shall he mess up again, it would prove to be his eventual end with the wrestling world & more importantly, its fans. Everyone in life deserves chances, especially when they make mistakes and while famous, Jeff Hardy is no different.

We are not all perfect human beings and while he has a platform to perform in front of millions, he is no different then anyone of us. Time heals all wounds and I believe the time I speak of has done such in the wounds of wrestling fans around the world. Put the past aside and cheer for the present as well as the future & forgive Jeff Hardy.

He didn’t demand another chance, he earned it and it’s only right to grant him the opportunity for forgiveness with each & every wrestling fan around the world.

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    • That's a big IF. Just being clean a month or so doesn't prove a thing to me. I'll maybe give him another chance when he can prove to the world he can stay clean for more than a year, at which point it's less likely he'd fall back off the wagon. Again, big, big maybe.

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