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Is It Natalya’s Time to Shine in the WWE Women’s Division?

Natalya has been on a roll between the WWE ropes going back prior to WrestleMania 32. And she has her adversary in Charlotte to thank for it.

With these two ladies, their family ties were the catalyst in the ongoing feud. But also behind that they have good chemistry that leaves fans wanting more. Natalya’s match with Charlotte at Roadblock tore the house down, and now she finds herself chasing the same woman for the WWE Women’s Championship since the new era has begun. If Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch parallel Charlotte in their career paths, well we can add Natalya to the mix in terms of the Championships the two ladies have faced each other for.

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This opportunity to be put in front and center has been a long time coming for the third generation Hart family member. It seems that Natalya has been in wrestling purgatory the last several years. With the exception of Total Divas keeping her busy, there hasn’t been a real feud to keep her in the running amongst the women superstars. Of course Natalya has been on TV often, but any feud she had didn’t contribute to anything other than Total Divas. In other words nothing materialized for her benefit.

That’s not to say that her career has been a waste, because it certainly has not been. Natalya has held the Divas Championship one time in 2010. Her alliance with Beth Phoenix, also known as the “Divas of Doom” led to both ladies participating in the first ever Divas Tables Match. Then in 2014, Natalya made waves in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament. She made it to the finals where (surprise!) she faced Charlotte in a losing effort that was praised for the great work of both women. We have had sporadic glimmers of hope when it comes to Natalya.

Fans were in Natalya’s corner with the support becoming even stronger after her first encounter with Charlotte at NXT Takeover. From the flatulence storyline to being left out of the Divas Revolution (in her defense, was due to caring for injured husband Tyson Kidd), fans have been vocal in defense of Natalya anytime they felt that she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. Natalya doesn’t shy away from her background in wrestling. In fact, she constantly reminds the WWE Universe of how she’s paid her dues over the years. She along with her fans, want to see the fruits of her labor. Her background, her reputation precedes her in anything she does.

After Charlotte’s historic win at WrestleMania, it was Natalya who stepped up to the plate to put her in her place at the Championship Celebration the next night on Raw. After winning via disqualification on that next week’s RAW, Natalya was granted one more chance for the Women’s Championship. The opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. From the Hart Dungeon to her time in Japan, Natalya more than deserves a rightful spot on top of the WWE Women’s Division. This could very well be a case of “better late than never” come Sunday should she be victorious over Charlotte.

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It’s well known now that Charlotte and Natalya bring out the best in each other. Every match they have almost tops the previous other every time the ladies meet. Their Women’s Championship match this Sunday should be no different. With Uncle Bret Hart in Natalya’s corner to offset Charlotte’s father Ric Flair, we could see Charlotte finally falter. If Natalya wins, it will also be a nice touch to history as Hart won his first WWE Championship courtesy of Flair twenty four years earlier. Although it won’t be her first Championship win with WWE, it will be her first as WWE Women’s Champion.

The WWE Universe is certainly in for a treat on May 1st. Regardless of who is the victor, this match will continue the path of great women’s wrestling in the WWE. The women superstars stole the show in the WWE Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania; expect no less with Charlotte vs. Natalya at Payback. It may be a rematch once again, but as long as it continues to be a good story and show amazing effort, we are all winners.

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