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Is Elon Musk Going to Buy Coca-Cola After Taking Over Twitter?

SpaceX owner Elon Musk who has already become the largest shareholder of the Twitter company is all set to buy another huge company. After the 50-year-old Tesla owner Elon Musk will be buying Twitter for $44 billion, he has planned on something big to purchase or he has not? Let us see what Musk has to say about his next purchase.

Interestingly Elon Musk who will be the upcoming owner of twitter made the best use of his future company while making a tweet. Musk tweeted that “next I am buying Coca-Cola for putting back in caffeine”. This tweet of Musk went viral as soon as he made it. This was because some people thought that the Tesla owner is serious in his words.

But the bubble burst when he made another tweet following up on his previous one. At the same he retweeted his previous tweet wherein he said “Now I’m going to buy McDonald’s and fix all the ice cream machines,” he said, adding, “Listen, I can’t do miracles, okay?” This tweet of his made people realizes that it’s just Musk and his sarcastic tweets.

This is not the very first time Elon has made sarcastic tweets. The 50-year-old richest man is kinda famous for the witty tweets he makes. Several times Musk has replied to various criticisms he received due to his companies, personal life, or any other reason. He has always made the best use of his humor in venting out his tweets.

On the other hand, Coca-Cola is considered the world’s most valuable soft drink company. A simple Google search shows that its shares are higher than the $54.20 a share Musk offered for Twitter, standing at $65.56 on Thursday morning and the market capitalization is at $284.20 billion.

The fact was highlighted by financial account Fintwit, which replied to Musk’s announcement with a screenshot of Coca-Cola’s valuation, saying: “Elon, you’re too poor to buy Coca-Cola.”

He is also seen being a part of very famous memes and tweets on Twitter. The fact that now he is the owner of the platform will surely affect all these aspects. Musk has a hooping 83 million followers on Twitter and has iterated several times how he wants to make all these social media platforms private and outside the ambit of statutory controls. Musk said this privatization will take around two decades.

However, these statements of Musk won’t change the fact that privatization of a public platform will surely affect the freedom of speech of individuals. By acquiring Twitter, Musk will become the single largest shareholder of the company. Musk’s aim in buying Twitter is to promote free speech as he has uttered several times.

Musk is known for spouting controversial opinions on social media. He had previously asked Twitter users if they thought he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock to cover unrealized capital gains. Following the survey, Musk sold roughly $7 billion in Tesla stock, indicating that participants were in favor of a stock sale.

While it may be a joke, Elon Musk could end up buying Coca-Cola, just as he joked about buying Twitter a while back. However, it can’t be a 100 percent stake because the beverage company is valued at $265 billion, which is more than his whole net worth.



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