Is Daniel Bryan the WWE’s Own Worst Enemy?


How can you mend broken wrestling fan’s hearts? Put Daniel Bryan in anything having to do with a main event match. The WWE superstar appears to be the only thing that the fans of the promotion want to see in main events, beginning and final segments of television associated with the three letter outfit.

[adinserter block=”1″]Could Bryan, who receives more pops that Michael J. Fox in an early 1980s Coca-Cola commercial, become the company’s worst enemy because of rigid fans who are tired of having the likes of John Cena and unwelcome Royal Rumble winners shoved down their throats over the years?

The answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Bryan has become the new “People’s Champion.” So much so that The Rock’s name was booed in Denver on Monday night. I am pretty sure you can smell what the fans of the WWE are cooking right now. The WWE has created a character that the fan base has accepted, because he represents everything they are in terms of being underdogs, fighting through adversity and accepting the challenges in front of them. Bryan is every bit the perfect contrast to Vince McMahon’s belief that bigger is better.

The greatest thing about Raw on Monday night is that fans saw Bryan do the best thing he knows how to do… work. There is not a better competitor in the business today and with Seth Rollins playing the role of heel better than we have seen since the days of Edge and a younger Randy Orton, the company is locked into a series of matches that will prove to entertain, even if the new Fast Lane pay-per-view falls flat on the mat.

I am not sure if Daniel Bryan versus Roman Reigns is the best way to approach the road to WrestleMania, but the fact is that this is the second year in a row where the WWE has backed itself in a corner, thinking inside the box and not willing to come out of its shell… maybe because there is very little water left in the well.

Fast Lane could prove to be as dramatic as the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Title at the Rumble. And above it all, it may prove to be the first step towards a Roman Reigns heel turn that really is best for business. The only issue that presents itself with this kind of move is a loss of another face in the company and the lack of more young “face” wrestlers to balance good and evil.

Bryan is the machine and even with his win last week, Roman Reigns is still a moving part, not the centerpiece. And again, it is not his fault.

[adinserter block=”2″]Triple H and the boys back stage were probably correct in creating the bombshell drama it inflicted on the crowds and viewers on Monday night. Reigns is still not the “Cena” or “Hogan” many want him to be. He can’t be. His look, his attitude, his persona and his value are not as great. There is only one wrestler right now who has that kind of stroke. The little man, the “B+” player, and the leader of a movement that came to him. That is how the business used to be. Fans would pick and choose their favorites. Heels were heels. Faces were faces.

There was no middle ground. The WWE has created the aura that the middle of the field is a good place to stand and watch the action. Right now, Reigns is being run over – not by what he did or did not do, rather by a man whose following is bigger than the WWE wanted to accept. This month’s pay-per-view will create more backlash than anything if the main event fails to deliver like the Royal Rumble didn’t last week.

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  1. I’m so sick of hearing about Daniel Bryan and how great he is. Daniel Bryan is a GOOD worker, not greAt. He is no where near the level of say a Bret Hart, Curt Henning, Randy Savage, or even Shawn Michaels. You definitely see shades of HBK, but as an overall performer…not even close. He is small, height and body . He is not a good talker, barely average. I don’t understand why everybody thinks he is getting the short end of the stick. He beat Triple H, and won the title at Wrestlemania last year!! Good grief! What else do you want ?

    I don’t agree with Roman Reigns getting the push. I understand the boos there. If any new talent has proven them self that they could be the guy…Seth Rollins. What a performer! Good charisma, good talker. Not a huge guy, but a heck of a lot bigger than Daniel. Look at the match he was in at the Rumble. In my opinion, he set himself apart from all the young talent.

    You have to remember, this is pro wrestling. I wanna see bigger than life superstars. Both physically and personality wise. I’m not hating on Daniel. He is a good in ring performer. But in my opinion, he has over achieved greatly.


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