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Is Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion best for business? No! No! No!

If there is anything a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance. – Abraham Lincoln

Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in the WWE and possible the best in the world today. You could make the argument for CM Punk, but I have yet to see Bryan have a bad match. Not only does Bryan look great in his matches but he also elevates his opponents. It is hard to have good matches with everyone on the roster, only a few names come to mind when I think of the superstars that were that good.

[adinserter block=”1″]Names like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho jump to the top of my list. He has been good since he stepped into ROH at the start of his career. He has held multiple championships for multiple organizations. He has successfully been a heel, a comedian (Team Hell No), and currently he is holding down the fort as WWE’s top face. So how can a man with the Midas touch not be what’s best for business? If you take a little trip back in time to the weeks leading up to Summer Slam you will see that Daniel Bryan actually provided us with that answer,

Prior to Summer Slam we were treated to a few face to face in ring promos from both John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Leading up to the event Bryan made it very clear the John Cena is not a wrestler; he is an entertainer, a parody of wrestling. Bryan also made is clear that he himself is a wrestler, the best wrestler in the locker room. Does anyone see the problem?

Let’s go back even further in time when Vinnie Mac’s old buddy Ted Turner bought WCW. The story goes something like this. Ted Turner calls up Vince McMahon and says

“Hey Vince, I’m in wrestling business”

To which Vince McMahon responded:

“That’s great Ted, I’m in the sports entertainment business”

Dose that help you connect the dots? That’s right boys and girls the WWE is not a wrestling company. They produce, package, promote, and sell entertainment in the form of wrestling parody. Daniel Bryan was correct it is comparison to Cena down to the letter. Whether fans like it or not John Cena is WWE in the same way Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker are WWE. There are others who have won titles and held the torch from time to time but there is a level of wrestling immortality that Bryan has not achieved. Please understand that this is not a “Daniel Bryan hater blog” it is just a reality check for the WWE Universe. I wrote earlier how I felt the story line is getting stale and I put some of the blame on Bryan.

Take another look at the short list from a few sentences earlier. Put any of those superstars Hogan to the Undertaker in a match with any jobber on the planet as the main event of Monday night RAW and we would all watch. We don’t tune in to see a hip toss, a reverse chin lock or a clothesline. We want to see someone get a mud hole stopped in them and walked dry, we want them to rest in peace, we want to know whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild, want them to listen to some sweet chin music and IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEIR NAME IS!

Remember how amazing Chris Jericho was in the ring during his run with WCW? At one time he was standing in the same place as Daniel Bryan. He was young, talented, and his hard work and impressive wrestling skill helped him make a name for himself in the industry. Did the Lion Heart ever win the WCW World Championship, no. Less than 3 years after he left WCW Chris Jericho became the first Undisputed Champion beating both Stone Cold and the Rock on same night. Understand that this was not Chris Jericho the Lion Heart, this was Y2J. Y2J was not just a great wrestler but he was an entertainer.

[adinserter block=”2″]Bryan is on the cusp of greatness, just like so many other superstars before him. Many don’t make it passed the mid-card, many have been forgotten all together, but there are a few who are able to rise above the rest. There are a few whose names are etched in the very fabric of their wrestling generation. Can Bryan find that spark the leave a mark on the WWE universe to the point where it will never EEEEEEEEVER, be the same again?

Personally I hope so.

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