Is Charli D’Amelio Dating Travis Barker’s Son Landon? Spotted Together at Fashion Show


Celebrity couples have always been the talk of the town and a topic of discussion. One of them has been recently discovered. Famous American media personality and dancer Charli D’ Amelio is reportedly dating American rapper Travis Barker’s son Landon. It has been confirmed by various sources and outlets that tiktok star Charli is dating Barker’s son Landon.

Travis who himself got married to famous media personality Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to Landon in 2003. Landon is the middle child of Travis and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

The news of the couple’s dating broke in when some official sources confirmed the same claiming that the couple is in their initial phase of dating. It was reported that “Early on in their relationship, they are seeing each other. She was pictured attending his performance a few weeks ago, and they were also seen leaving together.

They were allegedly seen leaving Dixie’s album release party after Charli’s sister Dixie’s party. Additionally, they displayed fresh tattoos by the same Los Angeles-based tattoo artist that same week.”

Charlie, who was at a time the most followed person on the tiktok was recently dethroned by Khaby Lame, another content creator. The sources further revealed that Landon’s involvement with Charli might cost him his friendship. This is because Landon is a great friend of Chase Hudson, who is also Charli’s ex-boyfriend. Chase and Barker are so good friends that Chase even attended Travis’s wedding with Kourtney Kardashian days back.

But recently Charli and her older sister Dixie D’Amelio attended the model-turned-boohooMAN designer’s collection debut earlier this month to show their support. According to a witness at the June 14 event, “It was a big night for Landon.” He felt strongly that Charli should be included. The partygoer said the couple remained close throughout the evening, laughing and conversing: “They were careful not to display too much PDA with so many eyes about.”

The 18-year-olds caused a stir a week later when they both posted Instagram stories of fresh tattoos they had received from the same Los Angeles-based tattoo artist. Hudson deleted a post with Landon from Instagram after hearing rumors that Charli had left the show with him.

Landon and Charli’s Dating History

The 18-year-old boy in 2016 was not involved with anyone romantically. Landon was involved with Divinity Perkins earlier but broke up later. Since then, it is the very first time that Landon’s name has been associated with someone romantically.

Talking about the 18-year-old tiktok star Charli, her dating life has been quite more active than Landon’s. Charli earlier dated Chase Husdon but subsequently broke up. After Chase, Charli dated her best friend Griffin Johnson but subsequently parted ways.

Chase Hudson accused Griffin of cheating on Dixie, and their relationship deteriorated. She refuted the claims at the time, but on July 30, 2020, new ones surfaced.

In a 2020 YouTube video, Dixie revealed their breakup and insisted they’re not on “poor terms.” Dixie told photographers in August 2020, “I’ll be alone for a bit.” “But bad blood or internet beef for no cause… It’s useless.”


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