Is Cesaro/Swagger the Rhodes/Sandow WWE feud of 2014?


Sometimes, there are comments made by wrestlers that just stick with you as gospel in the business. This spot remains true to that belief.

[adinserter block=”1″]When the inaugural Bound for Glory Series came down to the Final Four, James Storm, Bobby Rude, Gunner and Bully Ray faced off to win a title shot with Kurt Angle. In the promo work, Bully Ray made the comment that as a tag team partner, you at one point or another, look at the guy next to you and wonder if you have what it takes to beat them.

Of course, that comment – although paraphrased, led to a raging rivalry that helped keep TNA on solid ground. We’ve seen it over the years. Tag team partners, stable mates and even brothers go at it against each other to see which one was the best of the lot. This year, WrestleMania 30 may do the same thing. At some point, the WWE Universe is going to see Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger on opposite sides of the ring, and it could happen in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

This is one confrontation that gets hot, then cold, then hot again. The WWE needs to decide what to do with these superstars, who have not held tag team gold and appear to be in purgatory of late within Zeb Colter’s stable.

Plus, after the company ruined a good thing with Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes last year, this is a battle that could make magic in the ring. We can only hope the WWE does not do its best impersonation of Lucy and Charlie Brown and this potential program falls flat on its backside.

It would appear the WWE really has no idea what to do with either of these WWE superstars, hence the union with Colter and the collaboration of a good, powerful tag team that has not achieved complete success. Cesaro looked like he would be pushed as a singles competitor after his performance in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. But, as we all saw, the company again has done its own 180 and is pushing other superstars like Dolph Ziggler gain.

Swagger has the potential to be the next Kurt Angle or Jack Brisco – but he is toiling in misery. Cesaro is the best pure athlete the WWE has today. It’s a perfect union that cannot go anywhere because of the ladder of wrestlers currently on the WWE roster and the fact the company will not work with its current talent and is reaching for veterans to come back and “save” the company.

Professional wrestling has had the chance to see the Hardy’s feud, The Dudley’s have thrown down as well. Edge and Christian have had their battles. We never really had a chance to see Ric Flair and Arn Anderson get into it, but the drama leading up to it was great theater. And in this case, Cesaro and Swagger could be as well. If the WWE needed some of its old school roots to shine, this was certainly the time to show it with these two competitors.

Now it remains to be seen if the company will follow through. If it does, there is a good chance this could be a feud we talk about for some time to come.

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