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Is Cesaro Meant to Be a Mid-Card Star in WWE?

Cesaro is a star. By now, everyone likely agrees with that. It may have taken a while for some to get onboard with the idea as some like yours truly, believed he didn’t have enough charisma to be anything substantial in WWE. It was never personal, just an observation.

[adinserter block=”1″]But now even his most ardent critics, yours truly included, are on the same page and believe me when I tell you; I’m happy to have been wrong about this one. Cesaro has earned his place in that company and he is most definitely a star. However, his level of star power is still very much in question.

Maybe it’s splitting hairs and maybe it’s calling the shot before it’s taken but right now it seems Cesaro is stuck on the second tier. It’s not as though his ability is going unnoticed. It’s not as though fans don’t recognize how good he is. More importantly, it’s not as though he’s not on TV.

He’s definitely getting exposure and that is a very good thing. How many guys are sitting in the WWE locker room right now and can’t get on TV no matter what they do? So at the very least Cesaro has that going for him.

Exposure means there’s always a chance he can go higher. Despite how much the company appears to not believe in him at times, the more he’s seen, the more he proves them wrong. Just ask Daniel Bryan what surging crowd support can do for a guy that’s stuck on the second tier.

So there’s a chance The Swiss Superman can do big things. As long as WWE is up for it, he certainly is. All he needs is to get red hot like Bryan did and eventually the company will have no choice but to give him a shot at the top. Makes sense, right?

But is that actually going to happen? Could Cesaro end up working for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at some point? Can fans imagine that moment finally happening? Better yet, can they imagine it happening at WrestleMania?

That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about “the main event level.” It doesn’t get any bigger than the Granddaddy of them all. Anything other than that is really not as big and anyone settling for less deserves less. Shouldn’t the goal be to reach the top?

Can Cesaro get there? Does he have it in him to do that? This is not Ring of Honor we’re talking about here, where a guy can get over despite how many years he’s put in or how many T-Shirts he can sell. WWE wants guys that can not only draw money but have a history of drawing money. But the only way to build that track record is to actually get a chance.

Cesaro deserves that chance, if nothing else. But WWE just doesn’t seem to be in that much of a hurry to give him one. Perhaps the problem is everyone but WWE is in a hurry to see Cesaro succeed. Right now, he’s just hovering at the mid-card. The question is what’s wrong with that?

Why is the mid-card considered a death sentence by so many fans? The mid-card must be strong for any pro wrestling company to be entertaining, despite how big it may be. Without stars strengthening the bulk of the night, who would even care about the main event?

Think of the mid-card as the opening act. Without a fun and interesting opening act to prep the crowd and get them ready for the big name talents to come, would anyone really be up for it? The curtain jerk and the main event of Monday Night Raw may go as little as 10 minutes each, which means the rest of the night is ruled by the mid-card.

[adinserter block=”2″]Those stars must be up to snuff, they must be prepared to do anything it takes to keep the crowd alive and keep them immersed in the drama of the night. There is no shame in earning your money in that spot on the card; it gives much needed time for talents to improve, to become more polished and more importantly, to get over.

But it’s not the main event. Considering Cesaro is a 15-year veteran of the business, the question of just how long he must continue to bide his time must be asked. Is he happy where he is or does he want more? Fans want more for him; there is no doubt about that.

Does WWE want more for him? At the end of the day, the company’s opinion is the only one that really matters.

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